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Thor: 5 Best Jane Foster Quotes From MCU

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Thor: Love and Thunder has recently hit theaters, and fans were very excited to see the new Jane Foster a.k.a. Mighty Thor. From the brilliant scientist that she first appeared as in the first movie, Jane now wields a powerful hammer.

While Jane may come off a bit proud, fans cannot deny that she has a good sense of humor behind those sarcastic lines. She is also filled with so much determination, especially regarding her research. Her interactions with Thor were mostly the best ones. Here are the best Jane Foster quotes from MCU:

“First Off, The Name Is Mighty Thor. And Secondly, If You Can’t Say, Mighty Thor, I’ll Accept Doctor Jane Foster.”

Jane Foster Mighty Thor

Jane has made it clear that she is to be addressed in the proper way: Mighty Thor or Doctor Jane Foster. When Gorr called her ‘Lady Thor’ she immediately corrected him.

However, the netizens have been calling Jane as Lady Thor, which was deemed to have a misogynistic hint. Director Taika Waititi learned this while he was drafting the script, so he made sure that the character would put an emphasis on the name Mighty Thor.

“I Hit You With My Car A Couple Times, So I Think That Kind Of Evens Things Out.”

Jane Foster Thor 1

Jane accidentally hit Thor with her car twice, on their first meeting and when they were at the hospital. It seems that this has become an inside joke, with Jane and Thor crossing paths in the most bizarre way.

When Thor apologized to Jane for the trouble he has caused since arriving on Earth, she answered this quote and concluded that they are now even.

“Well, Magic’s Just Science That We Don’t Understand Yet!”

Jane Foster Thor 4

Dr. Erik Selvig, Jane’s colleague, showed her a children’s book and told her how silly it is to believe Thor is a god from Norse mythology. Jane, however, argued that Selvig was the one who always told her to chase down every possibility.

As a scientist, it is unusual for Jane to believe in magic and made-up stuff, but she chooses to keep her mind open and think that there is life beyond Earth. She reasoned that the Einstein-Rosen bridge actually exists and that an advanced being might have crossed it.

“That Was For New York!”

Jane Foster Thor 5

When Jane met Loki upon arriving in Asgard, she slapped him and told her that it was for what he did in New York in the 2012 The Avengers movie. Loki, still in shock and awe, responded, “I like her.”

Jane has no qualms in telling people the bad things they did. Fans may have also noticed that Jane likes slapping people in the movie. She also hit Thor many times.

“They Stole My Life’s Work, So I Don’t Have Much To Lose.”

Jane Foster Thor 2

Jane is very passionate about her work, and when SHIELD took all her belongings, she was devastated. The moment they have been alerted of a cosmic disturbance, they immediately ‘borrowed’ her files and devices.

It was good that Thor managed to salvage her notebook that contained all important data and findings. Now, she won’t have to start from scratch anymore.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.