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‘It’s The Dark World All Over Again’: Thor: Love and Thunder’s Exceedingly Bad Rotten Tomatoes Score Has Fans Asking Taika Waititi to Stop Ruining Things

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Thor: Love and Thunder has been adding concerns for the heads of The Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Rotten Tomatoes rating doesn’t seem to speak so well about the upcoming movie. The Ratings are getting exceedingly bad and the fans assume that once again it’s the Dark World scenario for Thor as now Taika Waititi’s venture stands as one of the lowest-rated Marvel Movies.

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres soon
Thor: Love and Thunder is all set to release on July 8th

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The Lightning fails to Strike Again:

With Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi reinvented Thor in MCU and the Movie went up to become a blockbuster as well as one of the highest-rated MCU movies with a 93% “fresh” rating while the upcoming installment of the franchise stands at 70% “fresh” even lower than Thor which has 77%. But it is still greater than Thor: The Dark World which is 66%.

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The first two installments of Thor were unsuccessful in making a mark among the audience but with the third installment, Taika Waititi took a different take on the character and the story and thus Ragnarok emerged as a unique and brilliant movie. With Chris Hemsworth’s comedic timing, this was the best performance that he has given to this character yet.

With Thor: Love and Thunder being the first-ever fourth solo movie of an MCU character, everyone expected this to be another blockbuster but now the decreasing reviews have raised some concerns regarding it and also some questions about Taika Waititi’s direction. Although the director’s record has been good still the approach taken for this movie with a villain like Gorr, the God Butcher had already raised some serious questions earlier.

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The Fans are Unhappy:

Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth's naked scene
Thor: Love and Thunder receives even lower rating than the first Thor movie

The reviews going downhill definitely disappointed the fans and the reaction’s highly been negative even some calling it the return of The Dark World.:


Even though the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are excessively bad, still if the past cases are observed, there have been many instances where the movie didn’t turn out as bad as it was rated so there can still be hope left for the movie.

Thor: Love and Thunder is going to release on July 8th, 2022

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