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New Thor: Love and Thunder Theory Confirms Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is Part of MCU

Love and Thunder Theory Confirms Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy is Part of MCU

A new theory has come forward to say that the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU has created a world of its own, that is full of Superheroes, Gods, and aliens from other worlds and now even the multiverse. It also seems to include the biggest rivals of the franchise in the world. The recent movie, Thor: Love and Thunder has a mention of Christopher Nolan, the man behind the Dark Knight Trilogy, and there have been references to DC in the past as well.

Jane Foster mentions Christopher Nolan
Jane Foster mentions Christopher Nolan

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Thor: Love and Thunder mentions Christopher Nolan

The movie reintroduced Jane Foster after she was not seen in MCU for a while. But now, the scientist has cancer and she was seen getting chemo. Next to her, there was another patient who has reading a book written by her, she notices and introduces her to the reader. The two get into talking and she starts explaining to him the concept.

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar was mentioned in Thor Love and Thunder
Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was mentioned in Thor Love and Thunder

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To help him understand Jane quotes Interstellar as an example that would better help him understand the concept of wormholes and traveling through galaxies. Now, Interstellar is one of the greatest films by Christopher Nolan that came out in 2014 and is a sci-fi based on a concept quite similar to Jane Foster’s discovery. She even calls it a great explanation for higher-scientific ideas.

Dark Knight Trilogy could exist in the MCU too

Jane Foster quoting Interstellar hints that Christopher Nolan exists as a filmmaker in MCU as well. But Interstellar only came out after he became a known name with the success of his previous works, which include the Dark Knight Trilogy, starring Christian Bale, who was in the movie too.

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The Dark Knight Trilogy could exist in MCU
The Dark Knight Trilogy could exist in MCU

There are other instances too in the MCU, Phastos son in the Eternals compared Ikaris to Superman. Even Spider-Man once hinted at knowing Batman in his cameo in Runaways. This could mean that DC exists in MCU as a form of movies and comics.

MCU characters might have found a connection with DC movies

If DC does exist in MCU, it means multiple characters from the Universe connect to these superheroes in movies. Tony Stark would have probably seen his tragic version in Bruce Wayne and that is why he tries to keep his shady work hidden. And geek like Spider-Man might never have skipped watching the masterpiece trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

Ikaris was compared to Superman
Ikaris was compared to Superman

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The villains as well would have taken some ideas from the DCEU movies too. Like Killmonger admiring the tactics of Bane, or Aldrich Killian would have taken some ideas from Heath Ledger’s Joker to create his Mandarin.

Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas now

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