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Thor: Love and Thunder: Loki’s Escape In Endgame Turned Jane Foster Into Thor!

Loki, the God of Mischief might have run out of luck in Avengers: Infinity War, but his story has just begun. The adopted brother of Thor, Loki Laufeyson is actually a Frost Giant who was adopted by Odin. Growing up in Asgard, Loki soon became a powerful sorcerer with incredible shapeshifting abilities to fool the entire Asgard. His ambition to succeed Odin put him at odds with Thor, the prince of Asgard.

Diabolical in nature, Loki’s allegiance has always been hard to predict. From leading the attack on New York City in Avengers (2012) to fighting against Hela in Thor: Ragnarok (2018), Loki is the ultimate opportunist. But unfortunately, even the God of Mischief ran out of his tricks against Thanos.

Despite being an adopted son, Loki was also a prince of Asgard. But, his wish to be the next king was disapproved. As a result, Loki committed some heinous crimes including sending the Destroyer to kill Thor so that he could be the legitimate ruler of Asgard. But sadly, his move backfired as Thor became worthy and got back his powers to destroy the Destroyer and return to Asgard. Once again, Loki’s action might have triggered another major event in the MCU with his action; Jane Foster becoming the Goddess of Thunder. Things are about to get bonkers now, so fasten your seatbelts.

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In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers set out to retrieve the infinity stones from different timelines using the time machine. From New York City (2012) to Asgard (2013), the team splits up to get back the stones and undo the effect of Thanos’ snap in Infinity War. Unfortunately, the attempt to retrieve the Tesseract/Space Stone fails when Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers visit New York City of 2012. In a confusion, Loki gets his hands on the Tesseract and escapes. As he escaped, an alternate timeline was created in the process which might be explored in the upcoming Loki TV series on Disney+.

As Loki creates another timeline in the process, things get weird. As per a fan theory created by a Redditor, the alternate timeline is the key to Jane Foster becoming the Thor. Here’s how it happens.

In the main timeline, Loki died at the hands of Thanos. Despite being a diabolical opportunist, Loki did redeem himself in both Ragnarok and Infinity War. But according to the theory, Loki was not the only one to die in the main timeline. Sadly,  Jane Foster also passed away after a long battle with cancer. Upon hearing this news, Thor breaks down until he meets Jane once again, just not from his original timeline.

As Loki traveled to another dimension using the Tesseract, things did not go pretty well for the alternate Thor of the alternate timeline. For starters, the Thor of the alternate timeline is killed by Loki himself.

In the alternate timeline, Loki has killed Thor to become the ruler of Asgard. Thor’s death in the alternate timeline made Jane Foster heartbroken. But later, Jane proves herself to be worthy to avenge the death of her late lover. As a result, Jane Foster lifts the Mjolnir, and becomes the Goddess of Thunder! Yet, she is in exile due to Loki’s plotting.

In the original timeline, Thor has now probably joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, leaving Valkyrie as the ruler of the people of Asgard. But, an existential threat in the alternate timeline has arisen which forces Loki to ask for help from the Thor of the original timeline. Remember, the Space Stone can let its user travel to different timelines at will.

The existential threat which shall force Loki to ask Thor for help is rumored to be Gorr the God Butcher. Rumored to be played by Christian Bale, Gorr the God Butcher belongs to an unknown alien race. Born on an unknown planet, Gorr had to witness the death of his mother, wife, and children. As a result, he renounced the Gods and was outcast by his tribe. Upon witnessing that there are in fact real gods who exist, Gorr vowed to kill them all for not helping him to save his loved ones.

In the alternate timeline, Gorr has wiped out many gods and is now headed towards Asgard. Interestingly, Thor was responsible for the creation of Gorr some millenniums ago in his youthful arrogance. Upon learning this, the Thor of the original timeline agrees to help Loki and travels to the alternate timeline. Keep in mind that Thor from both the original and the alternate timelines had faced Gorr in their youth.

To save Asgard from Gorr, Jane Foster’s Thor returns from exile and joins forces with the Thor from the original timeline and Loki of the alternate timeline. After all, two Gods of Thunder have better chances of defeating Thor. But how would this serve as the main plot of Thor: Love and Thunder? Let’s find out.

As Thor from the original timeline had to witness Loki’s death after his redemption, it would definitely be an emotional scene to see the two brothers meeting each other. But keep in mind, Loki from the alternate timeline has not yet redeemed himself and is still the cunning, diabolical, God of Mischief.

As Asgard was destroyed in the original timeline, Thor from the main timeline traveling to see Asgard still surviving in the alternate timeline would be another emotional scene for the God of Thunder. But most importantly, as both Thor and Jane Foster lost their respective lovers in their own timelines, it would raise a lot of complications when main Thor would meet Jane Foster, the current Goddess of Thunder from the alternate timeline.

As main Thor reunites with Loki and Jane Foster on Asgard, would he decide to return to the original timeline, devoid of his brother, lover, and his world? As Thor once again meets Jane Foster, what would their chemistry be since they both get back to find each other, but they are no longer the same people. Also, the presence of a murderous Loki would further complicate things since the main Thor witnessed his adopted brother’s redeeming actions and death only a few years ago.

Also, don’t forget that Thanos might still be alive in this alternate timeline since it’s an offshoot from the year 2012. Considering the damage Thanos inflicted, Thor might decide to kill this version of Thanos too. Here’s hoping to see a glimpse of the Mad Titan once again.