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Thor: Love and Thunder May Introduce Thor’s Ultimate Form – Rune King Thor


The MCU has been overflowing with excellent content. We continue to be astounded by the sheer number of characters and sub-franchisees that it has to offer. Furthermore, the multiverse is becoming a more integral element of reality, as seen by the premise that it continues to provide more material for speculation. The new Thor teaser leads us to believe that Rune King Thor will appear in the MCU. Here’s whether Rune King Thor will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder:

Rune King Thor in Marvel Comics.
Rune King Thor in Marvel Comics.

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Who is Rune King Thor?

Poster of Thor: Love and Thunder.
Poster of Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Rune King Thor is a super-powered form of Thor who can harness the might of the Odinforce, a limitless source of energy. To transform into the Rune King, Thor had to go through a three-step process in the comics: sacrifice, learning about the past, and learning about ancient runes. Thor sacrificed and took out his eyes in the six-part 1998 “The Mighty Thor: Disassembled” Ragnarok series in order to discover the history of Asgard. He then hanged himself from a chain for days in order to learn the runes. Thor is reborn Rune King Thor after completing all of this, and he is insanely strong. It’s unclear how mighty he is, but due to his omniscience and rune magic, he’s nearly invincible.

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Will we see Rune King Thor in Love and Thunder?

Thor 4: Love and Thunder.
Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

More or less, the above-stated transition is what will happen in the movies as well. The beginning is excellent, and the tale is certainly captivating. However, Thor would have to lose a lot more before embarking on this quest. Despite the fact that becoming the Rune King is a lengthy and difficult process, Rune King Thor will definitely be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He might not show up right away, but he’ll be there eventually. This character is due for a huge power-up, or at the very least, some type of fulfillment of his power, in the near future. Thor hasn’t done much since Infinity War, and we’d love to see him in his full glory. You know, the version that could have slain Thanos and prevented all of this mayhem.

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