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Thor: Love & Thunder Updates from Taika Waititi & Cast

Thor: Love & Thunder Updates from Taika Waititi & Cast
Thor: Love & Thunder Updates

Marvel Cinematic Universe is rolling in absolute success currently. After the shower of accolades on the franchise with the release of Endgame, it seems MCU’s transition into Phase 4 has been as smooth as Silver Surfer’s body. Though that was an intentional pun, the mention of the character is a segue into the recent events in and around Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The corona pandemic has led everyone to stay indoors. However, the Internet is now buzzing with a recent Marvel update! No wonder Phase 4 has loads of surprises for MCU fans, and filmmaker Taika Watiti has confirmed this.

Love and Thunder on Instagram Live!

thor love and thunder 2021 c8 1920x1080 1
The poster of Thor: Love and Thunder

The director of Thor: Love and Thunder took onto a live stream where he showed his fans around his lovely house. The director was in a pretty jolly mood and was answering questions from the fans. Watiti took to Instagram with his fellow compatriots Tessa Thompson and Mark Ruffalo. At the same time, he moved around his house and finished his dinner preparations. The video seemed more like a peek into Watiti’s personal life.

However, a Marvel director cannot stay away from questions regarding the MCU for a very long time. Once the fans started bombarding the director with their questions, he started answering them impromptu via the live stream. Moreover, Ragnarok played in the director’s background while Watiti dropped bits and pieces about his next Thor venture.

What will be the primary cast?

A fan art of Jane Foster’s Thor

It is confirmed that fan-favourite Chris Hemsworth would be handling the helm of the affairs as Thor Odinson. Natalie Portman will reprise the role of Jane Foster. As the fans must know, Foster will be transforming into a Thor version of herself, and Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will take over the throne of Asgard. Watiti began the live stream by showing concept art of the Odinson’s warrior friend Miek, who will be featured in a new avatar in the film. Moreover, the director also joked about Tony Stark’s return and very subtly added that the film would also explore the life of Korg, Miek’s friend. However, if rumours are believed to be correct, then Love and Thunder might explore Korg’s love life!

The concept art which spoke volumes

The director with Chris Hemsworth aka Thor Odinson

However, another look at the concept art reveals the revamped town of Tonsberg. A fleet of Viking ships also appears as Valkyrie waits to command them. Moreover, the biggest revelation was that of the Silver Surfer not appearing in the movie. The director chose to stay mum on Christian Bale, who will be portraying the role of Silver Surfer but confirmed the character’s absence. Resounding the same vibes was the answer to the question of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The director chose to keep his mouth shut.

Watiti confirmed that the movie would be ten times bigger than Ragnarok. This statement has left the fans wondering about the storyline that the film is going to stick with. Added on with Jane Foster’s Thor, there is also a slight chance of the appearance of the All-Father. However, fans have to wait until the 18th of February, 2022, to get the correct set of revelations.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Instagram

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