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Thor Trilogy: 10 Details You Probably Missed

Thor, the strongest Avenger, has his own trilogy, and don’t we love them! He is the most charming one and also a very intriguing character. Although it is argued that the trilogy is not as fun and, in fact, the weakest trilogy, there are still a lot of clever details. And so, we have brought you a list of Thor trilogy details you probably missed.

1. Odin’s horse is no ordinary horse when we saw him rescuing the Jotunheim invaders in Thor. If you’ll look closely, the horse is eight-legged, Sleipnir, from Norse mythology.

Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of Odin.
Eight-legged horse

2. Loki tells Thor that he cannot see into the future because he is not a witch. And when Thor goes back in time in Avengers: Endgame, Frigga knows instantly that he’s from the future because witches raised her.

Thor trilogy details
Because she was raised by witches

3. In Thor: Ragnarok, when Loki passes Hulk, we can see that Hulk rolls a fist after seeing him. He clearly remembers their history.

Thor: Ragnarok. Hulk makes a fist because Loki walks by. from MovieDetails

4. Professor Selvig’s board is full of details and other Marvel theories, like 616 Universe, The Crossroads, The Nine Realms, and so much more. There are tons of references that support both the real and Marvel theories.

Thor trilogy details
Selvig’s board

5. In Thor Ragnarok, when Thor meets Dr. Strange, he uses Thor’s hair strand to find Odin. With that, he casts a spell that makes a symbol which we can also see on Mjolnir. The symbol, Triquetra, is a part of Asgardian culture.

r/MovieDetails - In Thor Ragnarok Dr. Strange forming Triquetra Thor trilogy details

6. Many examples indicate that these movies were carefully and cleverly made, keeping physics in mind. For example, just like in this scene in Thor: Ragnarok, when Thor hits Hulk with his hammer, the wave hits the camera a couple of seconds later.

In Thor Ragnarok, the shockwave from the punch causes the camera to shake after a delay. from MovieDetails

7. As I said earlier, small things were also shown cleverly in the movie. Here when Mjolnir hits Earth’s surface, there are pieces of glasses around it. Because Mjolnir’s friction and massive energy cause heating of sand, resulting in glass formation. 

Mjolnir glass
Notice the pieces of glass

8. In Thor: Dark Work, Natalie Portman couldn’t make it for the final scene’s reshoot, and to replace her, they asked Chris Hemsworth to choose. He asked his wife to appear, and she did by putting on her wig and robe for the final kiss.

Thor trilogy details
It wasn’t Natalie Portman

9. All three siblings have some small resemblances, showing their same kind of upbringing. One example is the way they unsheathe their blades.

Thor trilogy details
Resemblance between the siblings.

10. The place where Odin points and asks Thor and Loki if they remember the place and calls it home. That is exactly where the New Asgard is in Avengers: Endgame.

r/MovieDetails - In Thor: Ragnarok (2017) before Odin dies in Norway, he points out to the distance and tell Thor and Loki "Remember this place, home". This is where New Asgard is located in Endgame.
New Asgard’s location

Did you also notice these details when you first watched the Thor trilogy? Do you know more? Tell us in the comments.