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Three Comic Characters That Are Surprisingly Based On Real People

If one is a big Marvel comics fan then they’ll know all about John Jonah Jameson from Spider-Man is based on Stan Lee. That the X-Men were created based on America’s 1960s civil rights movement. Then we have DC Comics Joker design is inspired by German actor Conrad Veidt in The Man Who Laughs (1928). Which is a genuinely creepy design from a film of its time. With that being said Fandomwire wants to go one step above the rest to present three comic book characters – three that may surprise fans to know they are based on real people.

Wonder Woman: Medicine, Feminism and MORE!
wonder woman

Professor and radical feminist William Moulton Marston is the creator of Wonder Woman. His inspiration for Wonder Woman’s facial features and morals was based on his wife Elizabeth Holloway Marston. She helped her husband create both the prototype of the lie detector and the DC Amazon. Wait, there’s more! William and Elizabeth were open polygamists. They had a partner by the name of Olive Byrne, and she was also the inspiration for Wonder Woman but for spicy reasons. The polygamist couple was active in the bondage/BDSM community hence why Wonder Woman ties up people with a lasso. Click here to learn more about the wild history of this character’s origin.

Darkseid And The Third Reich

When people thought Darkseid couldn’t get any more intimidating than he already is in comics and film. Let the challenge begin! The famous Jack Kirby served in World War 2, witnessing firsthand the atrocities Germans committed on their fellow man and woman. The horror left such an impression on Kirby that it gave birth to the all-powerful/conniving Darkseid. A being that is blatant in his mission to create a universal holocaust. No prisoners, no peace, only death, and supremacy. Eerily similar to the Third Reich, and every mannerism that Darkseid makes is based on Hitler. This is featured in Kirby’s early concept art of the character. To learn more click here.

Modok: Supervillain and President

This one was a bit on the nose even for its time in 2016. Modok, anotheR Jack Kirby creation has been around since the 1960s. Every few years the character changes based on the real-world culture and politics that is occurring. When 2016 came up former USA President Donald Trump was running for the Oval Office. Well, the politician/business magnate fir the bill for this particular supervillain. The Marvel rocks a large head and tiny hands. The rest is history and the Trump-inspired Modok was featured in Spider-Gwen Annual #1 as the big bad guy. Whichever side you lean on in politics one must admit that this was pretty funny!

Written by Barry Buzzkill

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