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Thug Life: Actors With Criminal Records

Thug Life Actors With Criminal Records

“Thug life”, a term that was popularized by hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur. It’s a term connected to people involved in the streets. People that live by a certain criminal underground code and law. Or it’s poorly tattooed across Kyle’s stomach. So when you read the words Hollywood, palm trees, mansions, purse puppies, Starbucks, and veneers. The word criminal rarely, if ever will cross our minds. To our surprise, Tinseltown is loaded with squeaky clean, socially conscious-looking characters with sketchy backgrounds. In this article, we’ll find out that some of our favorite big-screen darlings are human after all! None of this is written in spite nor is it to be perceived to bash people for their past failures. Strictly for entertainment purposes and congrats to the celebrities that have changed their lives for the better – Thug Life: Actors With Criminal Records.

1.) Mark Wahlberg: Attempted Murder

As a teenager, Wahlberg was involved in narcotics and gang activity before his attempt at rapping and way before becoming a blockbuster star. During this time he was found guilty of beating two Vietnamese men to near death and yelling racial slurs while high on drugs. He served 45 days in Deer Island Prison. At 49 years old the Boston actor continues to apologize profusely for his past crimes and tries to live a more honest and positive life.

2.) Wesley Snipes: Tax Evasion

Mr. Snipes made a whole lot of money from 1999 – 2004 and decided that he was good at not paying taxes. Blade ended up spending two years in prison and the remainder under house confinement. Hey, it’s 2021 and he’s doing great! Catch him in Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime on March 5th.

3.) Robert Downey Jr.: Possession Of Drugs And A Firearm
THUG LIFE Robert Downey Jr.

In the 90s the A-list celebrity, the Ironman himself dealt with a lot of demons. Many of his crimes were drug-related, but thankfully after years of rehab and spending time in prison, he has been on the right track since then. Making millions across the globe cheer, laugh, cry and smile.

4.) Tim Allen: Drug Trafficking

It might be difficult for fans to picture the one and only Disney’s Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story franchise) as a coke trafficker during the 70s. Allen served prison time from 1978 -1981 then decided to drop his old life for stand-up comedy and the rest is history.

5.) Danny Trejo: California Badass

Danny Trejo’s life story is fascinating and it’s badass to see how much he has overcome. Froom childhood drug addiction, numerous drug offenses, assaults, assaults with a deadly weapon, burglary charges that led him to 11 years in and out of jail/prison. Not only that he became a champion boxer while in San Quentin prison! Winning both the lightweight and welterweight divsions. Then Trejo decided he needed to make a change and signed up for the 12-step rehabilitation program for his drug abuse. He praises the program for leading him to a cleaner lifestyle which in-return opened the doors for acting. Danny Trejo, once a criminal, now an avid spokesperson against drugs, helps dog rescues and a humanitarian.

Written by Barry Buzzkill

Woah, he writes!