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Thunderbolts Star David Harbour Calls Wyatt Russell’s US Agent “Creepy and Horrible”

Thunderbolts Star David Harbour Calls Wyatt Russell's US Agent "Creepy and Horrible"

Marvel’s Thunderbolts is making fans excited as it brings some of the most iconic Marvel villains of all time and they are putting them together in a team so that they can redeem themselves by becoming heroes. Fans of the Thunderbolts comics know how hardcore this movie would get. Moreover, Marvel would add more potential to the movie by deviating from the source material, making the movie more interesting.


The shooting for the movie will begin sometime in June 2023, and as the production schedule is coming closer, the fans as well as the cast members are getting excited. Recently, David Harbour expressed how excited he is to work with his fellow cast member, Wyatt Russell as he was quite phenomenal in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. 

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David Harbour is Excited to Work Alongside Bad Captain America in Marvel’s Thunderbolts

David Harbour was recently present at the panel of Middle East Film and Comic-Con 2023, a fan asked with whom he is excited to work in the cast of Thunderbolts.

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David Harbour

Harbour explained that apart from Florence Pugh, he is excited to work alongside Wyatt Russell did a great interpretation of bad John Walker/ bad Captain America because he made the character look so “creepy” and “horrible.” 

“Oh, God! I mean, they’re all great, you know. I-I mean clearly like Yelena. Florence and I is like, she’s very special, I really like my relationship with her. I think there’s a lot there to unfold, I’m really excited about that but on the newer side.”

“I really dig that Wyatt Russell kid who played the bad Captain America dude in ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’. That guy is just creepy and horrible. I love him. Such a sweet guy too, but I’m really excited what the two characters would make of each other.”

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Wyatt Russell as Captain America in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Wyatt Russell did a great job in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series, as his character was depicted as a decorated soldier, suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), and he perfectly played the complex character, greatly dishonoring the qualities that Steve Roger’s shield depicted.

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Fans are Excited To See Red Guardian and John Walker in Thunderbolts

When Wyatt Russell as John Walker was selected to be the next Captain America, many fans questioned Marvel’s decisions. However, when fans saw the actor play the complex character with ease, fans were blown away by his outstanding performance, as it is not easy to play a character that is both hateable and sympathetic. And after David Harbour’s comments on the actor, fans share their opinion on Twitter.

A fan tweets that they are excited to see the anti-heroes in the movie because both of them were dropped by the governments as both of them were trying too hard to copy Steve Rogers.

Another fan hopes that they do not blow it like the other movies.

Another fan praises the actor because he did such a great job with the character that everyone hates it.

Another fan reinforced the idea of Wyatt Russell as a great actor because David Harbour praised the hated character.

Even though the film is far away from release, fans are extremely excited for the movie, as the film is filled with a stellar cast, and with iconic comic book villains, who the fans love. And if they execute the film correctly, the film is sure to be a smash hit at the Box Office.

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Thunderbolts is set to release in theatres on 26th July 2024.

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