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Thunderbolts Villain Sentry: All Powers and Abilities Explained

Thunderbolts Villain Sentry: All Powers and Abilities Explained

MCU’s Thunderbolts is currently in its pre-production stage, getting ready to introduce one of the strongest Marvel characters, The Sentry. Steven Yeun has joined the MCU as Robert Reynolds aka The Sentry, who is described as a hero with the power of a million exploding suns!

He is a relatively new character who made his comic book debut in the year 2000, in The Sentry #1. Just like Captain America got his abilities from a Super Soldier serum, called the Golden Sentry Serum. It was created by an unnamed professor, and Reynolds got multiple abilities after consuming it.

Steven Yeun as The Sentry in Thunderbolts
Steven Yeun as The Sentry in Thunderbolts

But another aspect of Robert Reynolds’ persona was that he suffered from a dissociative identity disorder. So when Robert Reynolds consumed the serum, his psyche also created a dark alter-ego called The Void. But in order to prevent The Void’s emergence, Robert realized that he and the world needed to forget about The Sentry.

That’s what he used his powers for. He sacrificed the memory of his past life and made the world forget about him to keep the Void at bay. Hence, his abilities are truly unmatched. The following list includes all of his unique abilities.

The Powers of Thunderbolts Villain – The Sentry

The Superman set!

Henry Cavill Superman The Sentry Marvel
Superman and The Sentry (Image via Marvel/DC)

The consumption of the serum creates a hyper state of consciousness, and in that state, Robert’s body extracts his powers directly from the sun. He is called a Superman counterpart. But in reality, he has even more abilities than Superman. He obviously has the same superhuman speed, agility, stamina, strength, reflexes, durability, and the ability to fly.

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Molecular Manipulation

The Sentry 2
Robert Reynolds aka The Sentry (Image via Marvel)

The Sentry can change the molecular structure of anything and anyone. Theoretically, this ability would allow him to shape-shift. It will enable him to regenerate his own cells. He learned that he could craft and build various constructs, and even make them sentient for a short while. This ability along with the others makes him even stronger than MCU’s current Prime Eternal, Sersi.


The Sentry
Robert Reynolds aka The Sentry (Image via Marvel)

The Sentry also has the superhuman ability to generate, control, and emit light, which he could use to distract his opponents by shining a bright light in their eyes. By deflecting light and radiant emissions, he can become invisible to the naked eye. And producing light, heat, and kinetic force further allows him to shoot energy blasts from his hands and eyes.

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Biokinesis, Power Sharing, and other abilities

The Sentry 1
Robert Reynolds in Marvel comics (Image via Marvel)

Not only is Robert Reynolds able to regenerate his cells, but he can also resurrect himself. So, he is practically unkillable, just like Deadpool. He hasn’t used this ability a lot in the comics, but he does possess it.

The Sentry can share a portion of his endless strength with others. This way, he could create an entire army of super-strong individuals, similar to how Thor created a superpowered children’s army by sharing his own powers with them.

HD wallpaper sentry comics superheroes marvel
Robert Reynolds as The Sentry in Thunderbolts

With the serum, Robert’s body glows like a Super Saiyan, and his senses also get amplified. He is completely invulnerable and doesn’t possess any weaknesses besides his mind. Once he gets rid of The Void, then the Sentry becomes unstoppable. Only someone like Charles Xavier could stop him with his psychic abilities.

With the Golden Sentry Serum, his body also stops aging and gains some other special abilities such as teleportation and energy absorption.

Besides these powers, Robert Reynolds also possesses Darkness manipulation and Psionic abilities. Even though he has a fractured mind, he still possesses psychic powers himself. Those aren’t as efficient as Professor X. But they do come in quite handy. Overall, the limit of Sentry’s true power is unknown.

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The Sentry in Thunderbolts

The Sentry and the Void
The Void and The Sentry in Thunderbolts

Rumors suggest that Val and Ross will be behind the experiment that turns Robert Reynolds into the Sentry. And since he will start off as an antagonist, we might see the Void form of Sentry be brought into the mix right from the start.

The new super soldier serum that creates Sentry might alter his brain and turn him into The Void first. Then the Thunderbolts could team up in order to stop him. And they’d help him get rid of his dark side, thus turning him into an anti-hero by the end of the film.

It’s needless to say that the Thunderbolts, a team of spies and Super Solider assassins will have no way of defeating Sentry if the MCU retains all of his comic book abilities. So, it’s quite likely that just like Ikaris, Marvel will nerf Sentry’s powers. His abilities like Molecular manipulation, Biokinesis, and others might be taken away so he becomes more relatable.

Thunderbolts hits theaters on July 26, 2024.

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