Tiger King Gets 8th Episode Hosted By Joel McHale

Tiger King, “the wildest story you’ll never believe”. Joe Exotic, the breeder of wild cats the face of GW Exotic Animal Park. This zoo is famous for housing more than 1200 animals ranging from lions, tigers and leopards. A Netflix documentary that brings the viewers just a handful of wild cat owners gives Joe Exotic their 8th episode.

Tiger Kings past life

Tiger King along with his wild cats
Tiger King loved his big cats. He was known for his love for wild cats and the ability to train them.

Joe Exotic gained popularity for his zoo antics, growing his persona across the US. His personal life was played out to the world like a reality show due to his exotic love life. He soon came in contact with an animal rights activist- Carole Baskin, towards ill-treatment of his big cats. The two soon become best of enemies, online and in court. Carole was successful in preventing Joe from breeding the wild cats. Joe took a step that would scar him for life and reported a plot to kill her.

Joe Exotic sentenced

Tiger King sentenced to 22 years
Joe Exotic was sentenced for cruelty against wildlife and plotting murder

Tiger King is held in Grady County Jail, Oklahoma and received sentencing for 22 years for plotting murder and crime against wildlife. Up to this day, Joe still protests his innocence for the crimes and in a recent statement said: “I still maintain my innocence and look forward in the upcoming days to my attorneys filing my appeal and moving on to the next step in this nightmare.”

The 8th episode- Tiger King

New Netflix Documentary- Tiger King
Watch his new episode on March 20th, 2020

This phenomenon is yet to continue. This seven-part documentary follows and shows the exploits of Joe Exotic. Releasing on April 12, 2020, the popular franchise “The Tiger King and I” will air its 8th episode. New interviews and talks about experiences, with Tiger King‘s John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkham and Jeff and Lauren Lowe will be shown. Viewers with a fascination for animals and strange crime stories can tune in on March 20, 2020, to watch Tiger King and his subordinates at work.

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