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Tiger King Season 2: Questions We Still Don’t Have Answers To

Tiger King Season 2 Questions We Still Dont Have Answers To

The new season is out for the American crime documentary “Tiger King.” It shows the life of the former zookeeper and convicted felon Joe Exotic. There were multiple questions and so many doubts in season one which the viewers hoped to get answered in season two, but in vain. Season 2 just gave a whole set of new questions and didn’t answer the outstanding ones. So here are a few of them:

Is Don Lewis Alive in Costa Rica? : Previously, with Lewis’s disappearance, it was believed that he got fed to the tigers. However, the new season sheds new light on another theory where Lewis is still alive and in prison on the word of anonymous sightings.Is Don Lewis Alive in Costa Rica?

Where are Carole and Howard Baskin?:  Carole Baskin and her husband are currently fighting a case against Netflix for using their video clip without her consent. With a sensitive subject in hand, the couple is barely in the next season. It’s a dead end with only a text describing what they’re doing right now due to lack of screen time.Where are Carole and Howard Baskin?

How did Kenny get the Guns? :  There was a lot of speculation going that Kenny might have helped in the “disappearance” of Lewis as he inherits Lewis’s extensive gun collection. However, it is unclear how he gets it, whether Lewis or Baskin gave it.How did Kenny get the Guns?

What happened to Team Joe/ Eric Love? : The new season begins with a lot of potential for Love’s electoral campaign, but, weirdly, it fizzles out. As a result, the focus turns away from Love’s campaign.What happened to Team Joe/ Eric Love?

Is Sandra Wittkopp hiding something? : Sandra lies in the center of a pretty important subject that is the will of Lewis. Although evidence suggests that the name on the will was forged, the only witness to when the will was made is Sandra herself. So it is pretty suspicious as she knows more than she is letting on.Is Sandra Wittkopp hiding something?

What happened to Erik Cowie? : Erik was a significant member who was a zookeeper at the G.W. Zoo. However, it came as a shock when he died suffering from acute and chronic alcohol use. Therefore, even though he appeared in the show, it was unfair not to cover his demise significantly.

What happened to Erik Cowie?


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