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“Tim Allen is as white as the coke he peddled”: Fans Troll Tim Allen for “Do Wokees have a clubhouse” Comment, Say They Don’t Need Advice From a Drug Peddler

Tim Allen

Nuisance seems too mild a word to describe the likes of Tim Allen. The privilege that comes with being a rich white male in today’s America is more threatening than Sacha Baron Cohen entrapping Rudy Giuliani on film. But reality fixates on the worst of humanity and history has proven that wealth and influence go hand-in-hand. Tim Allen is extremely influential and it’s time that the crowd took a stand against the Toy Story actor.

Tim Allen
Tim Allen

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Tim Allen Blames the Cancel Culture After His Twitter Antics

The crux of the matter is that the conservative actor, Tim “The Toolman” Dick, or Tim Allen as he professionally likes to be called, has been crucified for not taking accountability for his actions, and coupled with his famously misguided views, that makes for a dangerous combination. He was arrested in 1978 at the age of 23 after being found at an airport with over a pound of cocaine in his luggage. Allen consequently served a prison sentence for cocaine smuggling but was paroled early for information on another inmate.

Tim Allens arrest in 1978 was followed by a 2-year sentence
Tim Allen’s arrest in 1978 was followed by a 2-year sentence

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Later, he went on to have a successful career that spanned a beloved animated film franchise, The Santa Clause trilogy, and a rare 9-season run of an ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing, which has been retrospectively claimed as conservative propaganda by the current Twitter crowd. His other show Home Improvement is also being criticized for enabling toxic ideas. Now, after his two arrests and wildly contentious beliefs, the actor is returning to the stand-up career and using his platform without consideration or respect, often crossing boundaries that define human ethics and decency.

Tim Allen Deemed Irrelevant By Critics After Recent Tweet

Everybody is aware of who Tim Allen is. Everybody has been impacted by Toy Story. And Buzz Lightyear to this day remains a figure you could rely on on your worst days and through your worst nightmares. But the fictional world that Allen helped come alive and bring such hopes along with it ends behind the lens of the reel.

Tim Allen blasted on Twitter for Joe Biden joke
Tim Allen blasted on Twitter for a “Joe Biden” joke

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His recent tweet mocking President Biden has been hailed as inappropriate and disrespectful. And his comments whining about the “woke” culture have ensued an onslaught of trolling and backlash. On an episode on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Allen also infamously claimed, “What I’ve done is, I’ve just not joined into, as I call it the “we” culture.” Later, he would go on to whine about the cancel culture and policing of free speech in spite of his numerous public appearances, enabling vocal platforms, and filmography that still keeps him wealthy beyond measure.

The Twitter crowd may be busy right now criticizing the opinions and attempting to troll or shut down Tim Allen’s opinion, but there is always a Jordan Peterson or an Andrew Tate lying in wait ready to break down the barriers that civilization so carefully curated after years of struggles against chauvinism and orthodoxy.

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Written by Diya Majumdar

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