Tim Allen, Tom Hanks Joined Forces to Stop Disney from Destroying Toy Story

Frenemies Woody and Buzz Lightyear once joined hands to save the 'Toy Story' universe.

Tim Allen, Tom Hanks Joined Forces to Stop Disney from Destroying Toy Story


  • 'Toy Story' is one of the most successful projects of Tom Hanks' illustrious career.
  • Hanks and Tim Allen disagreed when Disney considered releasing 'Toy Story 2' straight to DVD.
  • Eventually, the animated comedy saw a theatrical release and enjoyed a great run at the box office in 1999.
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Tom Hanks-led Toy Story is one of the most successful animated franchises of all time, having grossed nearly $3 billion across its four feature films in the main saga.

A still from Toy Story
A still from Tom Hanks’ Toy Story.

First released in 1995, Toy Story became an instant classic for its groundbreaking animation, heartwarming storyline, and impeccable vocal performances from the likes of Hanks (Woody) and Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear). However, after the success of the first installment, Disney supposedly came up with an idea that would’ve thwarted the strides the franchise has made over the years.

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How Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Saved Toy Story Franchise

Toy Story introduced fans to Andy’s favorite toy, Woody (Tom Hanks), the leader of the household playthings, who starts doubting his worth after Andy welcomes a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, into his life.

Toy Story
Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) from Toy Story.

Voiced by Tim Allen, Buzz Lightyear was a spaceman action figure. The toy was very popular as it came to light in the era when astronauts were very popular amongst children.

The story of their rocky encounter received plenty of love, both critically and financially. The Pixar Animation Studios film made a staggering $394.4 million against a budget of $30 million. Despite this, it’s understood that Disney considered sending the sequel, Toy Story 2, straight to DVD. However, Hanks and Allen weren’t on board.


“Tim and I and everybody else connected with it wanted to know why. We said it should be released as a film because it was magnificent and as good as the first one,” Hanks once told Daily Mirror.

The Forrest Gump star added that unlike most sequels, which are usually pale imitations, Toy Story 2 brought something new to the table. Common sense prevailed and the sequel hit the theaters in 1999 and ended up earning $511.4 million globally.

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Why Keanu Reeves Should Thank Toy Story Star Tom Hanks

Since then, the franchise has only grown leaps and bounds, retaining the much-adored voices of Hanks and Allen and at the same time adding new talents (toys!) like Keanu Reeves in subsequent chapters.

A still from Toy Story 4
A still from Toy Story 4.

The John Wick star voiced Duke Caboom, a gung-ho Canadian stuntman toy, in the fourth installment of the franchise. Reeves has made his name by starring in popular action franchises like The Matrix and John Wick but it is Toy Story 4 that stands as his most successful movie at the box office.

The 2019 animated comedy grossed $1.073 billion globally, becoming the only movie of Reeves’ career to hit the elusive benchmark. If not done already, the actor should send a thank-you note to Hanks and Allen for ensuring the franchise didn’t adopt a straight-to-DVD approach.


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