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‘Who is this guy…he reinvented’: Tim Roth Says She-Hulk’s Abomination is So Goofy Unlike The Incredible Hulk Version Because He’s “been locked away in a bubble” For Too Long

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Did Tim Roth hint that this was not it for the Abomination or Emil Blonsky in She-Hulk in his interview with Collider? In his recent interview with Collider, Tim Roth talked about how he felt when he was asked to return to the role and his experience working with Tatiana Maslany and the rest of the cast of She-Hulk. After appearing in 2008 The Incredible Hulk, Tim Roth recently returned as the Abomination in the ongoing show, She-Hulk. 

five things you need to know before watching she-hulk
Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky

In the latest episode of the series, Jennifer Walters took Emil Blonsky’s case and got him released from prison on parole. The episode also had two cameos, including Wong and Megan Thee Stallion.

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What Happened In She-Hulk So Far?

So far, She-Hulk has shown how Jennifer Walters became She-Hulk, and how she is adjusting to her regular and professional life as She-Hulk. By the end of the second episode, she agreed to take Emil Blonsky’s case.

In episode three Jennifer Walters starts looking for Wong, who took Blonsky out of the prison to fight in an underground fighting ring. She finds him, and Wong tells everyone the truth about what happened.

She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters

Taking in all the arguments, Emil Blonsky was allowed to get out of prison on parole. The episode also shows that, like Banner and Walters, Blonsky has full control over the Abomination. Seeing his control and change in his personality, he is released from prison on parole.

Tim Roth Never Expected To Be Asked To Return To The MCU

After his cameo in Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, Tim Roth said he never expected to return as the Abomination as Kevin Feige and Stan Lee had different plans for the character.

Talking about his meeting with Kevin Feige and Stan Lee, Tim Roth said, “They told me what they thought, where you would find him if they ever came back to him and the idea was very, very strange.”

The Abomination - MCU
The Abomination

According to Roth, Stan Lee and Kevin Feige told him that Abomination was supposed to be welded in or locked inside a steel vault, and the vault will be dropped at the bottom of the sea, giving him plenty of time to think and plan his next move. 

Roth first learned about Abomination’s return when he was asked to do some voice work for Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. He said, “But they asked me to do that, and then I went in to meet with Kevin, and they told me what they had in mind and I laughed.”

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Tim Roth’s Experience On She-Hulk

Sharing his experience while working on the show Roth talked about the shift in Abomination’s character in being different from the last time he appeared in The Incredible Hulk. 

He said that all about the characters that will come through the show. He also said that he got to work with some good people. He also appreciated Tatiana Maslany and said he needed somebody of that ability.

Emil Blonsky - Tim Roth
Tim Roth

Talking about the character, he shared that he wanted to give out something that may create suspicion among the audience, that this quite possibly isn’t real. And the same is the case with the Abomination.

He said, “If you’ve been locked away in a bubble for that amount of time, are you sane?” Roth further said that if he is not sane, then he is dangerous. With the question, “So who is this guy? He reinvented, but did he?” he may have hinted that Emil Blonsky with full control over Abomination may not be a good thing at all.

Will Abomination Re-appear In She-Hulk Or The MCU?

When he was asked if Emil Blonsky will reappear in this Season of She-Hulk, Tim Roth said, “Yeah. I think you might see a bit of him floating around.”

He said chances are very high that Emil Blonsky will appear in the upcoming episodes of the series. Well, nothing is confirmed yet, but if we look at Roth’s statement he will be seen in the upcoming episodes of She-Hulk. 

Thunderbolts potential characters leaked
Thunderbolts’ potential characters leaked

She-Hulk may not be the last time we see Abomination or Emil Blonsky in the MCU. In comics, Abomination teams up with Thunderbolts to stop Jessica Jones and Champions from interfering in the Thunderbolts’ apprehension of the Purple Children. He joins the team after Phino leaves the group refusing to hunt children. 

Marvel has already announced its Phase 5 and Phase 6, and Thunderbolts is set to release on July 24, 2024, in which it is expected to see Tim Roth as Emil Blonski, or most probably as the Abomination. 

She-Hulk premiers new episodes every Thursday on Disney+.

Source: Collider

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