“Time for a female”: Marvel Actress Wants a Female James Bond after Henry Cavill Loses Out on 007 Race

While Henry Cavill's chances of getting James Bond are getting slim, a Marvel actress has proposed a game changer for 007.

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  • James Bond is one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time and has been brought on screen numerous times.
  • The most recent stint by Daniel Craig came to a fitting end and fans now look for a future bond.
  • Amidst talks of Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a new name has been pitched that could be a game changer.
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James Bond is the epitome of a cool and collected gentleman. From Sean Connery’s sophistication to Daniel Craig’s intensity, each actor who’s donned the tuxedo has brought their own unique charm to the iconic role of 007.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in a still from Spectre
Daniel Craig as James Bond in a still from Spectre

But with Craig’s final outing as Bond in “No Time to Die,” rumors have run rampant about who will take up the mantle next. While speculation has floated around various actors, some believe it’s high time for a shakeup. This includes the possibility of a female Bond, as an actress has now offered herself for the role.

Famke Janssen from Marvel’s X-Men Would Love To Become James Bond

Famke Janssen in Boy Kills World (2023)| Image via Lionsgate
A still from Boy Kills World

Daniel Craig’s epic run as Bond has come to a fitting end and the question of who will inherit the role has sparked a debate. While some fans champion actors like Henry Cavill or Aaron Taylor-Johnson to step into Bond’s shoes, a few are calling for a female James Bond. Now, adding fuel to the fire of the female Bond debate is Famke Janssen.


While superhero fans know her best as the telekinetic Jean Grey in the X-Men film franchise, Bond enthusiasts will remember her for a different kind of action in GoldenEye. Having already worked in a Bond movie, she seems to be a potential pick for a future 007. In an interview with Screenrant, she expressed her desire to watch a female Bond and even pitched herself for the role.

“Female Bond, come on! I’m available. Time for a female,” Janssen said.

Since no details about the next James Bond project have been released, it’s too early to say whether Janssen’s wishes are a long shot or not.

Henry Cavill Might Be “Too Old” To Play James Bond

Henry Cavill in a still from Argylle
A still from Argylle

Henry Cavill has long been a fan favorite for the coveted role of James Bond. His chiseled good looks, action-hero experience, and undeniable charm seem like a perfect fit for the secret agent. However, a potential roadblock is Cavill himself believes that he might be past the age for the role.


Speaking on The Rich Eisen Show, he revealed that he has no idea who the next Bond will be and that he also has no clue whether or not he will end up taking the role.

“I have no idea. All I’ve got to go off is the rumors, the same information you have. Maybe I’m too old now, maybe I’m not, we’ll see. It’s up to Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson, and we’ll see what their plans are.”

This isn’t the first time Cavill has been linked to 007. He even auditioned for the role in 2006’s Casino Royale but was deemed too young and inexperienced at the time. Fast forward to today, and while fans are still eager to see him take on the mantle, his age might have again become a roadblock.


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