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Timeless: The One Villain Thanos Can’t Touch Is Kang’s True Nemesis

Kang the Conqueror’s true foe should be the one villain Thanos must leave alone in Marvel Comics. The Kang-centered one-shot Timeless contained information on this. Jed McKay wrote it, and Kev Walker, Mark Bagley, and others illustrated it.

There Is More To Kang Than Simple Evil


In Timeless Kang pays a visit to Dr. Anatoly Petrov, an academic professor who specialises in supervillains, in Timeless. Dr. Doom was ready to be the subject of a book when Kang appears, hoping to persuade Petrov to write about him instead. Kang accomplishes this by inviting Petrov to join him on a journey across time. Petrov discovers that Kang is more than simple evil. A competitor and challenger, he strives for success at all costs and sometimes finds himself playing the villain.

Another Marvel Villain Is Just As Obsessed With Victory


However, there is another Marvel villain who is equally (if not more) obsessed with victory: the Grandmaster, the Elder of the Universe. En Dwi Gast, the Grandmaster’s real name, is fascinated with playing games and challenging people. In the early pages of The Avengers, the two had already clashed. The Grandmaster appeared to Kang after his beloved Ravonna died and challenged him to a game. Kang kidnapped the Avengers in order to use them as pawns against the Grandmaster’s Sinister Squadron. Kang was victorious, but the heroes finally triumphed owing to the Grandmaster’s deception. The Grandmaster was satisfied with the outcome of the game, so he sent everyone back to their respective time, including Kang.

Compared To The First Time They Crossed Paths, Kang Is A Totally Different Villain And Person


The Grandmaster sought for Kang in the previous encounter, but given Kang’s recent prominence in the Marvel Universe, it could be more appropriate for the Conqueror to seek out the Grandmaster. Kang is a very different villain and person than he was the first time they met, thus a rematch would be a huge hit with fans.

Thanos Will Not Face The Grandmaster As The Mad Titan Had Made A Pact With Him


Surprisingly, another major enemy in the Marvel universe, none other than Thanos, is unable to face the Grandmaster. The Mad Titan made a pact with the Grandmaster in Thanos Quest #2. Thanos will not be able to meddle with the Grandmaster’s games as a result of the truce, and the Grandmaster will remain out of Thanos’ way in return. This piece of Marvel Universe history would appeal to MCU fans.

Given that Thanos is no longer a threat and Kang is becoming more prominent in the MCU, it would be fascinating to watch Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster engage with Jonathan Major’s Kang, while also indicating that Josh Brolin’s Thanos may have played a role in their history.

Written by Prachee Mishra