6 Times Batman Obliterated Gods & Humiliated Them So Badly They Fear His Mortal Fists

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Batman is just a mere mortal. But he fars exceeds all expectations every time he decides to get serious. These Gods certainly didn’t think so. They thought what could a puny human being do against the might of a literal God? Well they know now. Some of them paid the ultimate price. Some of them realized the holy terror that is Batman and have decided to steer clear.


All of them fear Batman.

Batman vs Gog – Breaks Him Using The Phantom Zone Projector

The Kingdom - Batman vs Gog
The Kingdom – Batman vs Gog

The Quintessence was a group of powerful beings with members like Shazam, who chose William Mathers to be their champion in 1999’s The Kingdom storyline. Mathers, who believed Superman was his God, is driven insane by the power and starts blaming Kal-El for all his worries. Gog has Godlike superhuman attributes, magic, reality warping, and even the ability to grant wishes. He travels back in time to kill Superman over and over again.


Rip Hunter recruits Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman to fight Gog. While Diana and Clark are not even remotely able to hold him back, it is Batman who deals the finishing blow. Using the Phantom Zone projector, Batman sends God into the Phantom Zone. The ordeal breaks his mind and Gog collapses.

Batman vs Eclipso – Batman Outwits The Spirit of God’s Wrath

Eclipso - DC Comics
Eclipso – DC Comics

The supervillain known as Eclipso was the first embodiment of the Almighty’s emotion. He represents God’s Wrath in the DC Universe. He was also the first spirit to rebel against God and was thus sealed in the Heart of Darkness gem. Because of access to ancient, primordial magic, Eclipso is practically capable of anything you can imagine.

In Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Eclipso takes over the planet. The only heroes that survive are Killer Frost, Batman, and Lobo. Batman uses his wit to dodge attacks from a possessed Superman and Wonder Woman. In the end, Batman defeats eclipso, outwitting the most ancient form of evil in the DC Universe.


Batman vs The Spectre – God’s Vengeance Gets Kicked In The Face

Batman vs Spectre
Batman vs Spectre

If you are in batman’s turf, you comply. There’s no ifs and buts. Does not matter if you are possessed by the living embodiment of God’s Vengeance. YOU. COMPLY.

The Spectre is a hero well respected and feared by supernatural heroes of the DC Universe. Batman does not care though. When he finds Spectre is illegally killing criminals in Gotham City in Tales of the Unexpected #14, he swoops in and face-kicks the guy to Kingdom Come. The Spectre leaves, no questions asked. he never comes back to Gotham City again.

Batman vs Darkseid – The Only Mortal Ever That Made Him See Stars

Batman in Hellbat armor vs Darkseid
Batman in Hellbat armor vs Darkseid

After the New Gods of Apokolips realize Batman’s deceased son houses a chaos shard, they dig up his grave and take away the corpse. The one thing Batman does not like is people messing with his family, dead or alive. So he dons the Hellbat armor and goes on an absolute God-destroying rampage.


After making short work of Kalibak, Darkseid’s firstborn, beats Darkseid’s entire Parademon army, and single-handedly lays siege on Apokolips. Up until today, Batman is the only mortal ever to beat darkseid, leaving the DC’s God of Evil with a masty, bloody nose.

Batman vs Ares – The God Of War Stands No Chance

Batman Beats Ares - The Merciless - Dark Nights Metal
Batman Beats Ares – The Merciless – Dark Nights: Metal

In Dark Nights: Metal, we are introduced to a couple of twisted alternate Batmen from the Dark Multiverse. One of those demented realities is where the Batman variant The Merciless, hails from. in that universe. the Greek God of War waged an eternal battle against all DC Superheroes. Only two individuals were left standing – Batman and Ares.

In an act of desperation, Batman kills Ares and puts on Ares’ magical helmet, instantly transforming into the new God of War. Batman then becomes the Merciless, using his newfound abilities to unleash a worldwide genocide of all Godly Pantheons.


Batman vs Trigon – Taken Down Because He Didn’t Stick To The Plan

Injustice - Year Three - Batman vs Trigon
Injustice: Year Three – Batman vs Trigon

In Injustice: Year Three, Batman continues to wage war against Superman and his evil ‘Regime’. Batman has a new plan. He will use Superman’s other weakness to defeat him – magic. Kidnapping Raven, he invokes Trigon to set foot on the planet.

The Demon Lord was supposed to beat Superman. But instead, he focused his energies on fighting the fifth dimensional imp – Mr. Mxyzptlk. A stickler for plans and rules, this did not fly with batman. Doctor Fate and Billy Batson push Trigon and Mr. Mxyzptlk into the void. The Dark Knight took down two birds with one stone.

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