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Times Fans Met Ultra Famous Celebs & Didn’t Even Care

Celebrities are exactly like the all of us. We might not identify them as the rich, beautiful people they appear to be if we remove them from their money and glitter. Here’s a list of occasions fans encountered famous celebs and didn’t seem to care:

1. Pierce Brosnan

One of the most famous celebs: Pierce Brosnan.
Well-known for James Bond fame: Pierce Brosnan.

Xana12345 once shared on twitter how her mom yelled at one of the most famous celebs, Pierce Brosnan. The family was in a ski resort getting lunch, and everyone was hungry. Xana shared that her mother usually got hangry when she didn’t get food on time. After waiting in line to order, a guy tried to cut her in between, so she snapped at him to go back and stand in the line like everybody else. It was not until she returned when Xana’s father informed her that she had actually yelled at James Bond. Her response to that? She just matter-of-factly stated that he shouldn’t have tried to cut her.

2. John Elton

One of the most famous celebs: John Elton
English singer, pianist and composer, with a career spanning six decades: John Elton.

A Twitter user once shared an amusing story about her mother meeting a celebrity. She described her mom as a “big sports fan” who once noticed a very large, fit-looking man while shopping. She didn’t recognize him, but he looked familiar, so she assumed he must be a professional football player. The only other person in the shop was a little, strange-looking man, so she approached him and inquired about the hunk. “That’s my bodyguard,” the little man said slowly. “I’m John Elton.”

3. Sigourney Weaver

One of the most famous celebs: Sigourney Weaver
One of the most influential figures in science fiction and popular culture: Sigourney Weaver.

Londonforce, a user, once told the account of her trip to Maine with her father-in-law. They spent a lot of time on the beach while on vacation there. When the father-in-law went for a morning stroll with their dog, he would run with a lady who did the same thing, and then they would part ways. It wasn’t until Londonforce awoke early one morning that she realized who this lady was: Sigourney Weaver. What’s the best part? The father-in-law was completely unaware!

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4. Robin Williams

One of the most famous celebs: Robin Willaims
Regarded as one of the best comedians of all time: Robin Williams.

Skitch885 shared an account of the time when his dad when Robin Williams in an elevator. Maintaining his cool composure, the dad rode the elevator in silence. A group of admirers noticed Williams as he stopped on a floor and ran in to take pictures. He gracefully took pics with everyone. When the elevator closed again, my dad asked him if this ever gets old. “No, never,” Robin said with a smile. The father then got off his floor, glanced at Robin, nodded, and went about his business.

5. Elon Musk

Entrepreneur and business magnate: Elon Musk.
Entrepreneur and business magnate: Elon Musk.

A Twitter user once told a great anecdote about meeting Elon Musk in a Tesla store and trying to be cool. He was desperate to meet Musk but didn’t want to admit it. As a result of devising a strategy, our user approached Musk and asked if he worked there. Elon replied, “I mean, yeah, kind of.” The user continued to maintain his ruse, inquiring about some entertainment console, to which Elon answered, “Let me see if I can get someone to help you.” After that, the user notified Musk that he was merely playing with him. He laughed and went away after shaking the user’s hand.

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