15 Times People Were Photobombed By Celebrities

celebrities photobombing

Celebrities hold a particular part in our hearts; many things about them that make us feel excited about them.

It could be the characters they play, how they dress up or their hairstyles, and above all, the movies in which they played different roles.

Just a simple thought of being close to your favorite star makes us feel happy. And so does the celebrities they love to prank and meet their fans and sometimes also try to photobomb them in their pictures.

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So below are some of the hilarious photos of celebrities photobombing ordinary people.

1. Arnold Spoiling A Man’s photoshoot With Sylvester Stallone:

2. Jason Momoa photobombed A Couple’s Photoshoot In Hawaii:

3. Dave Chappelle photobombed A Drinking Couple:

4. Bumped into Adam Sandler on Sunday while taking wedding pictures:

5. A Selfie With Bill Gates:

6. Mark Hamill pranks ‘Star Wars’ fans with Epic Surprise for Force For Change:

7.Shop says Liam Neeson gets free breakfast, so he came to get it:

8. This Is How Chris Pratt post pictures of him with Jennifer Lawrence because fans asked him to:

9. Johnny Depp was Jack Sparrow as he walked around South East Queensland and took pictures with the local police:

10. Girl took a cardboard Danny DeVito to her prom. He replies by taking a cardboard version of her to Paddy’s Pub:

11. When The Rock photobombs your selfie:

12. Ken Jeong has the best photobomb face:

13. Took a selfie with Beyonce in New Orleans and she said, “Whatever face you make, I’ll make”:

14. Friend took a fun picture with Elijah Wood:

15. You may be a drunk Tom Hanks fan, but he doesn’t mind:

 Celebrities Photobombed fans


Pic Credit: imgur

Written by FandomWire Staff

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