Titan of Pure Lean Muscle Bruce Lee Was Fat-Shamed by TV Show Co-Star: “Had a little baby fat on him”

Titan of Pure Lean Muscle Bruce Lee Was Fat-Shamed by TV Show Co-Star
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The world of Martial arts is quite incomplete without Bruce Lee who solidified his name with years of hard work that continues to inspire generations. The late star gained global recognition through his work in the film industry and is still an important figure who has drastically influenced the world of cinema and martial arts.

Bruce Lee
 Hong Kong-American actor, Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee’s The Green Hornet Co-star, Van Williams Described His Physical Appearance

Van Williams and Bruce Lee, 1966. [William Dozier papers, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming]
Van Williams and Bruce Lee, 1966. [Credit: American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming]
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Before Bruce Lee decided to go down the path of strict physical fitness, he had a different body appearance than the one world knows him for. In his biography titled, Bruce Lee; A Life by Mathew Polly, his breakout show, The Green Hornet co-star, Van Williams described him as being “chubby.”

He recalled that the then-young star was “…a little pudgy and had a little baby fat on him when I first met him.” However, the former knew that he would have to work extra hard to shred his small body frame to become an action star.


With his goals in mind, he pushed himself through an intense training routine and mold himself which he described as “looked like it was sculpted out of marble” when he worked in the 1972 film, Way of the Dragon. To make his physique better, he also took the help of bodybuilding with a person close to him once revealing interesting details about his connection with bodybuilding.

Bruce Lee Was Interested in Bodybuilding!

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

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 “He [Bruce Lee] started buying the magazines in the mid to late 60s”.

The Canadian author continued to share how he used to clip out the articles or training materials of Ironman which is one of the oldest fitness-based magazines. It featured stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Sebastian Siegel, and Michael O’Hearn among a few others.

“I really went through it once and made a list of what all the articles were.”

He further asserted that Lee’s interest in bodybuilding was quite sincere.

“He [Bruce Lee] was in with both feet and bodybuilding. He thought bodybuilding was great.”

He further shared that his fascination with this field was merely for his health who was not obsessed with it as he knew that his body type was different from the other usual bodybuilders. Despite the physical difference, he kept on working hard and went through a physical transformation that still makes people in awe, thus becoming an icon of the 20th century.


Source: Bruce Lee: A Life


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