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Titans: Bruce Wayne’s Darkest Secret Could Save One Titan, But Doom The Rest

The third season of Titans shook everything when it was revealed that Scarecrow used a Lazarus Pit in Gotham to resurrect Jason Todd, turning him into the Red Hood. Many fans were blindsided as the show never suggested Bruce Wayne’s darkest secret existing in this universe earlier. Now, with Gotham crumbling to pieces, this pit could save one hero, but doom the rest of the team.

Lazarus Pit Exists In Titans

Titans season 3 is now streaming on HBO Max
Titans season 3 is now streaming on HBO Max

The pit was found by Scarecrow who used the stolen info from Batman and since then, Gar has also been studying Bruce’s notes. With the Titans split and Gotham under siege, he finds a partner for himself – a returning Rachel.

The two search the city, eventually finding the Lazarus Pit used by Scarecrow. The unique symbols present there are pointed by Beast Boy, as Rachel connects them all. Rachel’s Raven personal emerges and we see the black goo around her getting activated by the supernatural pool, which can throw the series into unpredictable territory.

Raven feels that something is off with Nightwing, and this is because Dick was shot by a citizen while fighting Red Hood. The mob beats him down and it’s quite evident that he’s on the verge of dying. Raven’s feelings hint that they might have to bring him to this pit for resurrection. Raven has already used her mystical essence to revive Donna Troy, so it’s easy to watch her using magical waters and her abilities to make sure that they don’t lose another leader.

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Can Raven save Dick’s life?

Raven with Beast Boy in Titans Season 3
Raven with Beast Boy in Titans Season 3

However, Raven’s inability to accept fate could corrupt her. She was warned by the Themyscirans not to tamper with the rituals that are outside her control and power. They revealed that such meddling can harm her, and one more attempt at defying death using her spells or the pit can see her gem getting altered which can cause the return of her monstrous father, Trigon. Even if it’s not Trigon, Raven’s dark side might return to shock Beast Boy.

To sum things up, there is no guarantee about the mental state of Dick if they use the pit to bring him back. Jason has turned deranged, similar to the comics, so if Dick is thrown into the pit, with or without magic, the waters can have an ill effect on him.

The first 11 episodes of Titans are streaming now on HBO Max. Episode 12 releases on October 14.


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