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‘Titans’ Gets Renewed For A Third Season

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Titans will be returning to a screen near you in 2020 on DC Universe and HBO Max, according to Warner Bros. Television.

The show debuted in 2018 and it was the platform’s first original series and, despite fan worries about several of the character’s designs, it was a hit.

In the first season, Raven, Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire all came together as a team and then, in the sequel, they fought against Deathstroke. Where it will go from there is unknown.

Jason Todd also made an appearance in the season and viewers were able to vote as to whether he would die or not (but they didn’t take the answer into consideration, it was just a neat throwback).

Joker Crowbar

What could we see in the future?

With Batman joining the fold, it could be that they eventually bring Red Hood into the mix somewhere in the future and make a more Dick Grayson centric A Death in the Family adaptation.

However, for now, they are focusing on the Titans more as a team rather than the individual heroes that make up that team. That could change in season 3, though.

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Brenton Thwaites spoke to in October and said, “I think the challenge in having a cast of 15 or 16 superheroes is fulfilling everyone’s individual journey. So, unfortunately, on this season, we haven’t really had the chance to really delve into any singular character’s long-form character journey. But on the plus side of that, it’s been a great way to show how members of a family can support each other and ultimately defeat evil.”

There’s no current word on whether any more superheroes will join the roster. As Batman entered the show, it could be that more of the League follow. Could we even see Justice League vs Teen Titans live-action?

Both Titans Season 3 and Doom Patrol Season 2 will be available on HBO Max and Titans will be available on Netflix in the UK.

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