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Titans Season 3 Starfire: New Origins, Powers, & Comic Book Differences – EXPLAINED

Arguably one of the most controversial castings in the history of DCTV, Starfire of Titans has slowly warmed up to viewers. Now with Titans Season 3 Episode 11, Starfire has received a major change in her origin story. This retcon will definitely be of significance to all fans of Titans TV Series.

Anna Diop – Starfire

Season 2 of the show led us to a little bit of Starfire’s history. Blackfire, played by Damaris Lewis, came into the show as Starfire’s sister. Anna Diop‘s Kory aka Starfire had trouble getting ahold of her powers. But by Season 3 of Titans, she is finding it easier to use them in battle along with her team. Then came the visions and trances that led viewers to believe all is not as hunky-dory as it seems in Titans.

Titans Season 3 – Starfire

In Titans Season 3 Episode 10, Starfire loses all her powers when Blackfire absorbs them while being healed by her sister. But then Kory reveals she has another set of powers that were unknown to the team. And this is where the retcon comes.

Starfire’s New Origin Story

Starfire – The Retcon That Changes Everything

As revealed in season 3, the origin story of Starfire’s powers and her relationship and rivalry with Blackfire is a bit more complicated than we imagined. Starfire was born during a time of civil unrest in Tamaran. There were many challengers to the throne. To become the ruler, one must possess the power of fire. which Starfire lacked. But her father, to appease the masses and save the royal bloodline, lied to his subjects.

Blackfire – Titans

Blackfire was the second-born. And unlike Starfire, she did possess the power of fire. To ensure the Tamaran public never comes to know about this deception, he hired a soothsayer and transferred Blackfire’s power of fire into Starfire. When Starfire was healing Blackfire in Titans season 3 episode 10, the latter merely absorbed back the power that originally belonged to her.

Starfire’s Powers – How They Are Different In The Show Than In The Comics

Starfire Powers

As she is a Tamaranean, Starfire possesses a regenerative healing factor, super strength, and a host of energy manipulation abilities. The power of fire she previously had allowed her to absorb ultraviolet radiation and use it for energy blasts. She could even use it to create a defensive forcefield. Even after losing her power of fire, Starfire still has her superhuman Tamaran physiology as well as the ability to generate bolts of blue light. She even gains access to prophetic visions and can levitate.

Starfire – DC Comics

In the comic books, Starfire never does possess the power of fire. That ability solely belongs to her sister Blackfire. She does absorb ultraviolet radiation but releases it in the form of green energy bolts. Kory claims her new powers after losing the power of fire in the show must have been there all along. This may mean Titans’ Starfire will have a more comic-accurate power-set. Tamaraneans are known to manipulate ultraviolet energy in immeasurable ways, which even allows them to travel at near lightspeeds in deep space. The only difference between the comic book Starfire and the show’s Starfire is the color of the energy Starfire produces from her body. In the comics, it is green while the show reveals it to be blue.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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