“No Saga tee?”: Despite Creating One of the Coolest Pieces of Gaming Merch Ever, Fans Are Criticizing 1 Company For Not Showing Enough Love to Alan Wake 2’s Other Protagonist

Saga would hate this!

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  • A company called Prestige Merch Supply has released their latest Alan Wake 2 products.
  • All products of the collection focused on Alan Wake, one of the main characters of the game.
  • Angry fans criticized the company for not giving enough love to another main character, Saga Anderson.
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Alan Wake 2 is one of 2023’s standout survival horror games, and its sales figures show just how interested fans are. Remedy’s creative director, Sam Lake, brought his vision to life by not only including himself in the game as Alex Casey but also giving us a deep look into the terrifying adventures of Alan and Saga.


The appearance of novelist Alan and an FBI special agent named Saga as playable characters in this story polarized some fans. And now, it seems some fans are criticizing the company for discrimination.

Saga Anderson Isn’t Respected; at Least, That’s What Passionate Alan Wake 2 Fans Think

Alan Wake 2 fans think that Saga Anderson did not receive enough love despite being the main character.
Alan Wake 2 fans think that Saga Anderson did not receive enough love despite being the main character.

Saga Anderson, one of the main characters in the game, is with us from start to finish, helping us solve mysteries with her strong instincts. She’s truly a crucial figure in the story. Now, it seems some people are criticizing a merchandise company for not giving enough love to her legacy.


The company is called Prestige Merch Supply, and they recently released their newest Alan Wake 2 collection. The main focus of this collection, which includes products such as skateboards, t-shirts, shorts, and hats, is Alan, another main character in the game.

Although the collection garnered significant attention from fans, it also faced harsh criticism from certain segments of the community, who questioned why there was no representation for Saga Anderson. So, could these fans be onto something?

One fanboy took things a step further, criticizing the company’s pricing policy, saying that no shirt should cost $35. He also claimed that Saga wasn’t given enough love and respect, stating that she was just as much a main character as Alan. Perhaps the harshest part is that he made fun of the company, saying he likes it when companies design things they have no idea about.


The company responded to these claims to deflect outrage from fans:

1. I loved the game. I took a week off of work to play it through. 2. I ran out of time but had both a Saga and Coffee World shirts planned. 3. I don’t print on normal average shirt blanks, these cost more because they’re very high-quality blanks. 4. Thank you for your time

Sadly, this response hasn’t saved the company from backlash from the community.

Alan Wake 2 Becomes Remedy’s Fastest-Selling Game

The game's sales figures have not been updated since February.
The game’s sales figures have not been updated since February.

A report shared a few months after the game’s successful release revealed that it was Remedy’s fastest-selling game, with over 1.3 million copies sold as of February 2024.


Its success isn’t just in sales; its Metascore of 89 out of 100 and User Score of 8.6 remind us of the high scores we missed seeing in the industry.

Although the final sales figures for the game are not yet clear, it’s estimated that it covered its $75 million development cost as of June 2024 and has brought significant profit to the studio. At least, that seems to be the case when we look at the passionate fans organizing on social media.

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