“To be very honest with you…”: George Lucas Answered the One Question Every Star Wars Fan Needed to Know But Wouldn’t Dare Ask Him

George Lucas has spoken about whether the sequels to his original 1977 film Star Wars would have been different had he chosen to direct them.

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  • George Lucas received critical acclaim for directing 1977's Star Wars but did not return to helm the second and third installment in the original trilogy.
  • In an interview, Lucas stated he did not believe that the films would have seen major shifts if he had directed them, praising the directors who stepped in.
  • In a separate conversation, Lucas revealed that he hated the rigors of directing, making the decision to step away from the director's chair fairly easy.
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George Lucas directed 1977’s Star Wars, which set up the popular space-opera franchise that is going strong even today. Lucas followed up the original with two sequels, which improved on the formula of the first film while delivering an epic sci-fi fantasy and emotional drama. However, Lucas stepped back from the director’s chair for the latter two installments.

A still from The Empire Strike Back
George Lucas did not return to direct The Empire Strike Back and its sequel.

In an interview, Lucas was asked about whether stepping away from directing the movies impacted the final product. In response, Lucas had a surprising answer, explaining how the movies would have differed if he had taken on the directorial responsibility. Here is everything you need to know about how Lucas feels about not directing the sequels to his original 1977 film.

George Lucas Answers Whether the Star Wars Movies Would’ve Been Different If He Directed

George Lucas received critical acclaim for directing 1977’s Star Wars (later retitled Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope). However, when Lucas continued the space opera saga with two further sequels, he decided not to direct the two movies. As a result, The Empire Strikes Back was directed by Irvin Kershner, and Return of the Jedi was directed by Richard Marquand.

George Lucas
George Lucas feels Star Wars episodes V and VI wouldn’t be any different if he directed them (Image via BBC Newsnight).

During an interview with Empire, Lucas was asked if the two films would have been different had he decided to direct them. In response, Lucas shared his unfiltered thoughts on the matter fans have wondered about for decades.

“To be very honest with you, no I don’t.”‘

Lucas made the above statement, adding that he was very close to the production of the two sequels. Lucas admitted that he did not think the movies would have had any major shifts had he directed them, noting that they captured the essence of his vision. He also praised Irvin Kershner for bringing his personality to The Empire Strikes Back.

George Lucas Explains Why He Didn’t Direct the Rest of the Original Star Wars Movies

george lucas star wars youtube
George Lucas admitted to hating direction after the fist Star Wars movie. (Image via Star Wars | Youtube)

During a separate interview with Rolling Stone, George Lucas was asked about his decision not to direct the second and third installments in the original trilogy. In response, Lucas revealed an extremely simple reasoning behind the decision and stated it wasn’t difficult to step away from the director’s chair.


“I hate directing. It’s like fighting a fifteen-round heavyweight bout with a new opponent every day.” 

Lucas made the above statement, expressing his dislike for the rigors of directing. In the same interview, Lucas admitted that he did not regret letting go of directorial responsibilities as the films were ultimately his own.

Lucas would later tackle directing almost sixteen years after the last film in the original trilogy, returning to the blockbuster franchise for 1999’s The Phantom Menace. He directed all three installments in the prequel trilogy, which did not achieve the same critical acclaim as the original trilogy. Therefore, it was ultimately for the best that Lucas did not direct the rest of the original trilogy.

The Star Wars movies and spin-pff television shows are streaming on Disney+.

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