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To Honor Attack on Titan’s End, Latest Manga Volume Isn’t the Only Thing Fans are Getting

To Honor Attack on Titan's End, Latest Manga Volume Isn't the Only Thing Fans are Getting

As we finally get closer to the finale of the Attack on Titan animated adaptation next month, Hajime Isayama, the creator of the series has surprised the fans with a few bonus publications including an illustrations color book as well as a one-shot manga that will be included in the special edition of Volume 35 of the series.

However, it turns out that an extra publication is not the only thing the franchise is getting in order to honor the long-running anime, as it turns out there are going to be some more perks one would get when they purchase the special edition of the last volume of the Attack on Titan manga.

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Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan Anime

Publication Of Last Attack on Titan Volume To Come With Goodies

While millions of fans around the globe buckle up nearing the finale of the Attack on Titan anime as well as the release of additional publications, looks like the publishing house has grasped the opportunity to make this moment special for anybody who manages to get their hand on the special edition Volume 35 of the manga series.

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What we are essentially talking about here is the fact that the publication house has decided to give away a recreation of Mikasa‘s scarf, as well as a copy of Eren‘s basement key with a working padlock.

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Mikasa's Scarf And Key To Eren Basement To Be Given Away
Mikasa’s Scarf And Key To Eren Basement To Be Given Away

Significance Of Mikasa’s Scarf In Attack on Titan

Fans who have been following the series ever since the beginning would know about the significance and history behind Mikasa’s scarf. Many who have read the ending in the manga series would also know about the importance of this very scarf in concluding the whole franchise, which is the reason why it is being given away to the purchasers in the first place.


The scarf was handed to Mikasa by none other than Eren Jaeger, who, at the time when they both were children, saved her after she was kidnapped. Mikasa from that point onwards has held very dearly to the scarf and is one of the reasons she stays attached to Eren in the entirety of the series.

Eren and Mikasa
Eren and Mikasa

After a decade of airing, the animated adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan series is finally coming to an end on November 4th, 2023, which happens to be a month from now. The excitement of the same has also been spilled onto social media platforms, and the hype will only continue to grow as we near the date.

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