Todd Howard Wants to Hit One Goal for The Elder Scrolls 6, but Knows ‘How’ to Do it Changes as Time Moves On

This is an ambitious goal for one of the largest franchises in gaming.

elder scrolls 6


  • The Elder Scrolls 6 is aiming to be one of the ultimate fantasy world simulators.
  • This is according to an interview with Todd Howard, the head of Bethesda.
  • Bethesda wants to get a better release than Starfield has in the past.
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There are few games that are as anticipated as The Elder Scrolls 6. This Bethesda franchise boasts one of the highest-selling games in the history of video games, Skyrim. In an old interview, Todd Howard, the company’s head, revealed his plans and goals for the upcoming game, which fans are eagerly anticipating. 


According to Howard, he hopes to create the ultimate fantasy world simulator; this was almost accomplished with Skyrim back in the day, and the studio is hoping to succeed again where titles like Starfield couldn’t.

Todd Howard and the Dimensions of the Elder Scrolls 6

Todd Howard talked about the scale of The Elder Scrolls 6.
Todd Howard talked about the scale of The Elder Scrolls 6.

Since the announcement in 2018, Bethesda has not revealed any further details about The Elder Scrolls 6, leaving players eager to see what they are preparing for the highly anticipated sequel to Skyrim.


The studio focused on other releases like Starfield, a game that had the scale of every other RPG, but the final result was not what fans were waiting for. The company is working on various open-world games with similar features.

In an old interview with Todd Howard, GQ Magazine talked with this executive about the company’s future and the status of different Bethesda projects. He discussed whether it was a wise decision to make such an early announcement. He said, “I have asked myself that a lot; I don’t know. I probably would’ve announced it more casually.” The studio should consider showing a glimpse of the title in the upcoming months.

What Is the Game’s Ultimate Goal?

Todd Howard is planning a lot for the future of the studio.
Todd Howard is planning a lot for the future of the studio.

Howard continued to talk about the scale and the goal of The Elder Scrolls 6 as a game; he said:


It’s like… I don’t want to answer, but I want to be polite. I will say that we want it to fill that role of the ultimate fantasy-world simulator. And there are different ways to accomplish that given the time that has passed.

This interview took place before the launch of Starfield, which did not achieve the anticipated success for the studio.

With the Xbox Summer Showcase coming on June 9, the studio could finally reveal another trailer or even gameplay for this particular title, which has been around for more than six years since its announcement. The fans are hoping to see at least a year of release for the game. Since the launch of Skyrim in 2011, 13 years have elapsed without this franchise releasing a new game apart from the online saga.

Fans are also eager to see an update to Fallout 5, which has been the studio’s priority since the success of the series on Prime Video. Various rumors suggest that the event could also reveal a new Doom game. Outside Bethesda, the community is eager to see games like Gears 6, a new Halo, among other IPs from Microsoft-owned studios. The hype is real, and the fans are hoping to see a ton of games.


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