“Istvan is a f**king genius”: Todd Howard Couldn’t Get Enough of 1 Tiny Detail in Starfield, and Confirms What We Already Knew about Bethesda in the First Place

Bethesda Game Studios CEO Todd Howard is still impressed by the team's attention to detail in Starfield.



  • Todd Howard is enthusiastic about the art direction and attention to detail in Starfield.
  • Bethesda Game Studios is renowned for the level of detail in previous projects.
  • Starfield players are diving back in and are taking full advantage of the improvements.
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Starfield is the latest project from Bethesda Game Studios. Todd Howard served as the game director, and the gaming community is graced with another massive video game with grand worlds to explore. Howard is still in awe of the one tiny detail that left a significant impact on him.


The art direction is a powerful asset, and Howard was confident in the skill and talent of Istvan Pely. Pely served as the art director and was given his fair share of attention and appreciation by his colleagues and the players, and he coined the term “NASA Punk” for the project.

Todd Howard Is Impressed With the Art Direction of Starfield

Starfield's attention to detail deserves to be talked about.
Starfield‘s attention to detail deserves to be talked about.

The developers had a few kinks to sort out and were able to remedy a few issues that gave the game the visual upgrade it deserved to realize Howard’s vision fully. The details are noticeable on a grander scale. Still, the developers didn’t forget to touch on smaller details like a spacecraft’s interiors, showcasing the art director’s brilliance and commitment.


“Zoom in on that a second,”

Howard was enthusiastic enough to go into photo mode to make a point of how talented Pely is in his craft.

 “because this is where Istvan is a fucking genius.”

The director maneuvered the camera toward the wall panels and showcased the intense level of detail where Pely worked on each button, knob, and screen. These details could be easily overlooked by the players but Bethesda didn’t mind and gave it the effort it deserved.

It may not be that big of a deal for massive video games with a grand spectacle to gaze at, but it did clarify the priorities of the developers. Howard wanted to depict a realistic feel and atmosphere for a game and made the right choice to trust Pely to do the job.


Starfield Is Pure Eye Candy on Every Angle Possible

Bethesda Game Studios spared no expense to make Starfield look great.
Bethesda Game Studios spared no expense to make Starfield look great.

Pely walked into this project with a mission to make every square inch of the game that is possible for players to see and explore vibrant to the eyes. The developers are renowned for their insane attention to detail, that is comparable to others but not at this level where small objects are given the same level of care.

It is also quite wholesome to see the director be humble, give his colleagues the spotlight and even add credibility to their creativity and genius. Howard knew what Pely had to offer and utilized his skills, that allowed him to grow as an artist.

The work of Pely speaks for itself and players can stare at every detail, knowing it was achievable through trust and hard work. Video games are works of art and people need to take them seriously, knowing the incredible things that can be done through development.


Howard never took credit for the work he did for the project and managed to give his team the recognition they deserved, which is the definition of true leadership and humility. Fans can expect the same level of emphasis on art direction in future projects.

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