“Tom couldn’t do that – neither could Arnold”: Will Smith’s Smug Remarks Came Back to Haunt Him After Tom Cruise Refused to Revive His Movie Career Post Chris Rock Slap

Will Smith’s Smug Remarks Came Back to Haunt Him After Tom Cruise Refused to Revive His Movie Career Post Chris Rock Slap

There was a time when Will Smith used to revel in the fact that his films were “a cultural phenomenon,” courtesy of a background in music that the likes of Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger lacked. Little did he know though, that the tables were about to turn catastrophically with Cruise refusing to even acknowledge Smith’s alleged attempts at reconciling now.

Not to mention, the Top Gun 2 star has become even more of a global sensation while one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood has been reduced to a laughing stock post his Oscar debacle.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Cruise and Smith’s was one peculiar friendship. It started from a bout of obsessive competition on the latter’s part, bloomed into a professional yet friendly equation, and the two stars were soon best buddies. But all that took a sharp turn after the Emancipation star’s infamous Chris Rock controversy.

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A Look Into Will Smith’s Absurd Obsession With Outshining Tom Cruise

Back in 1996, former professional wrestler and film industry titan Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a few words of wisdom with Will Smith about making a name in Hollywood. But instead of encouraging him, The Terminator’s advice only drove Smith to indulge in unhealthy fantasies of surpassing renowned actors, specifically, one of the world’s highest-paid stars, Tom Cruise.

Schwarzenegger had simply nudged the King Richard star in the direction of global stardom, pointing out how one isn’t a movie star if their films are only popular in America. He asked Smith to think of himself as “a politician running for Biggest Movie Star in the World.” And Smith’s immediate reaction was to take inspiration from Cruise, who, at that time, had already been a celebrated actor all over the world. But that soon turned into an obsessive urge of exceeding the Top Gun star which led Smith to try out all kinds of over-the-top things that one could possibly do.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith
Will Smith used to be obsessed with outdoing Tom Cruise

He started “monitoring all of Tom’s global promotional activities” and vowed to double his efforts when it came to promoting his films. In fact, the Bad Boys star even went so far as to put in two hours more than Cruise did into promoting his films in different countries.

Slowly but steadily, though, Smith, 54, realized the error of his ways which ultimately brought a halt to his wild competitiveness. But this time, instead of beating himself down, he would compare his success with that of Hollywood’s hotshots instead, claiming that he had the upper hand because of his career in music and rap. “Tom couldn’t do that — neither could Arnold, Bruce, or Sly,” Smith said.

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Tom Cruise Holds Only A Cold Indifference Toward Will Smith Today

While Smith kept reassuring himself of his place in Hollywood, Cruise also helped quell the Suicide Squad star’s anxiety when he himself clarified things; he told Smith how there was no aggressive competition between them, to begin with, and even pushed him to grow. What’s more, the Days of Thunder star had even helped Smith out with the 2007’s science fiction film titled I Am Legend, which happens to be one of the highest-grossing projects of the latter.

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Will Smith and Tom Cruise
Will Smith and Tom Cruise

But all of Tom Cruise‘s goodwill and congeniality went down the drain when the I, Robot star slapped Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. The stint not only marred his reputation amongst his peers and co-stars but Smith also faced immense backlash from fans and it looks like Cruise has wanted anything but to be associated with him after all that went down.

Sources close to the Jack Reacher actor stated that Smith tried his level best to win Cruise over again and curry favor with him which could potentially be a good thing for his comeback in the film industry, but the latter “isn’t biting and doesn’t even write him back.” 

Smith is probably punching the air right now.

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