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Tom Cruise Age Transformation: From Top Gun 1 to Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is a megastar in Hollywood. Cruise is a global star-winning actor as well as producer. he is also one of the highest-paying stars in Hollywood. Tom Cruise has aged like fine wine. Top gun 1 was released in 1986 when the megastar was just 24 years old. Top Gun became the best film of 1986. This film made Tom a megastar. Cruise is now seen in a sequel to the 1986 movie – Top Gun Maverick. Tom is 59 years old in the movie that was released in 2022. Tom looked exceptional in the role at 59 years, as he looked back in 1986. This all-time mega star’s age does not affect his work in any way.



Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Tom wanted to work in movies from a young age. He struggled with auditions until landing his debut gig in Endless love. The same year he was seen in Taps with Sean Penn. Cruise appeared in a few films before Top Gun. This film became the biggest film of the year. Cruise entered an A-lister star category with this film. Top Gun is a romantic action-based film.  The plot starts with Tom’s character Lt, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, joining’ an elite navy flight school.

Tom Cruise doing stunts in Top Gun Maverick
Tom Cruise performed stunts in Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise then went on to become Hollywood’s highest-paid actor by 1990. As the actor in the mega-blockbuster movie Top Gun, Tom was making big money. Tom also earned the title of the most paid actor in the world. This handsome star earned huge amounts in films in 1990,  but this amount crossed boundaries with Mission Impossible in 1996. Tom replied to his earnings to The uncool,

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“I get paid because I’m worth it and they should pay me that much. But I’ve never done work for money, ever,” he shared with Vanity Fair in 2000 (via The Uncool). “It is my life, it is what I do, it is what I love to do”

Tom Cruise’s personal life

Tom married his first wife Mimi Rogers. The couple split in 1990. Tom went ahead and married Nicole Kidman and started to raise a family. They split in 2001 stating they had “irreconcilable differences”. Cruise married a third time to Katie Holmes and Split in 2012 when Katie filed for divorce. Tom is currently dating Hayley Atwell.

Tom cruise and Atwell may be a thing
Cruise and Atwell are in a relationship

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

After a 36-year break, Tom Cruise is back in the Top Gun sequel, Top Gun Maverick. Tom Cruise did not want a green screens in any of his stunts. He wanted to perform stunts himself. This reminds us how Cruise can carry everything single-handedly.

Tom cruise didnt want to use green screens in Top Gun sequel
Tom Cruise, the lead star in the Top Gun sequel

Cruise’s acting at 59 years old is still breathtaking. He looks athletic, dashing, and has all the charisma he had back in Top Gun. Cruise has had a bright career since Top Gun and continues to shine with his new arrival of Top Gun: Maverick as he enters the $100 million club for the first time. 

Top Gun Maverick also gets a 5 min standing ovation at Cannes.

Top Gun: Maverick releases in theatres on 27 May 2022.


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Written by Samreen Kaur