Tom Cruise Could Play Iron Man From Another Earth In Doctor Strange Sequel


According to a new report, Marvel Studios is planning on a series of interesting cameos that could include Tom Cruise in the role of Iron Man.

While we fans are still recovering from the death of Tony Stark in the incredible Infinity Saga of the Marvel Studios, the team led by Kevin Feige is already planning on who could give Iron Man a new face in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. According to a new report sourced from Daniel RPK’s Patreon account, the studio wants Tom Cruise to play Iron Man in one of the multiverse timelines that we will see Stephen Strange exploring in the film. 

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a long history with the role of Iron Man which is not known to many. Long before Kevin Feige started operating Marvel Studios and cast Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Iron Man, there were numerous attempts made to create an adaptation of the titular hero. In 1990 Universal Studios tried it with Stuart Gordon and in 1999 Fox made an attempt with Quentin Tarantino apparently in charge. From the end of this decade, the character began to be strongly linked to Tom Cruise, who for years was thought to be the one who would bear the name of Tony Stark.
However soon in 2004, director Nick Cassavetes was signed under the New Line Cinema label, before things once again fell apart and the rights to Iron Man fell into the hands of the Marvel Studios. Jon Favreau who also starred as Happy Hogan in Iron Man was the person in charge of putting Robert Downey Jr. at the helm of one of the highest-grossing films of the superhero world.

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While fans have been speculating the return of Robert Downey Jr. in the mantle of Iron Man for the final time in Black Widow, the rumors to our dismay are sooner or later are being classified as incorrect. However, the actor is not the only one who could play the beloved superhero, and according to Marvel expert Daniel Richtman, the studio wants Tom Cruise to bring the mogul to life in an alternate version that we would see in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Richtman stated:

“They are considering a bunch of interesting cameos for Strange to play different versions of character we know. One example I heard of they are considering is Tom Cruise as Tony Stark from another Earth (at one point Cruise almost got the role of Stark before RDJ)”



It is too soon for us to say anything about Cruise’s appearance in the MCU since Marvel would respect the admiration fans have had for years for Robert Downey. He could even make a cameo in the multiverse and open possibilities for other stories including the return of other beloved superheroes like Captain America.


While Tom Cruise is yet to say his word on this. Fans need to wait and see if the Hollywood megastar is open to the idea or not.

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