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Tom Cruise Divorced His First Wife Because He Was Ready to Give Up His $470 Million Fortune and Become a Monk

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Unlike his Hollywood career, where the actor is generally regarded as one of the biggest movie stars of our time, Tom Cruise’s love life hasn’t been the smoothest over the years. Even though the actor has been associated with three marriages over the last 3 decades, all of them would suffer the same fate and end up in a divorce.

However, it seems that there was a more curious reason behind the failure of his first marriage with actress Mimi Rogers. The actress later went on to share that the Top Gun: Maverick actor was reportedly ready to leave his marriage and old life behind to pursue his life as a monk.

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise reportedly wanted to leave his wife to pursue his life as a monk

Following his first wedding with Mimi Rogers at the time, which only lasted about three years, the actress later came forward with the prime factor behind their split up. Rogers shared that soon after the two tied the knot, Tom Cruise was adamant about becoming a monk and was ready to leave his marriage behind. She said,

”Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk. At least for that period of time, it looked as though the marriage wouldn’t fit into his overall spiritual need. And he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.”

Although it was one of the main factors that eventually resulted in them parting ways, the actress later expressed that it wasn’t the only reason behind their divorce.

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Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers
Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers

Tom Cruise’s stardom eventually led to the downfall of his marriage with Mimi Rogers

Being married to one of the biggest stars in the industry didn’t come off easy for Mimi Rogers. The actress explained that she was losing her individuality and was always referred to as Tom Cruise’s wife. She said, “No matter what the article is, it’s ‘Tom Cruise’s wife”.

However, things turned worse when her six-year age gap with the actor became the headline for various outlets at the time. In 2001, Rogers recalled her memories by stating,

“The stardom wasn’t really a problem. What did annoy me, though, was the age thing. Some of the tabloids brought it up all the time and exaggerated the gap between Tom and me. Every six months they seemed to add a year to my age. If Tom and I were still married, the tabloids would probably have me in my sixties by now.”

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Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers
Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers

Soon after their divorce, Tom Cruise would later marry Nicole Kidman and then Katie Holmes, which would witness the same fate as his previous marriage. However, Mimi Rogers would soon find her match in producer Chris Ciaffa and would marry him in 2003, and are associated with each other to this date.

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