Tom Cruise Hates Starfield? Mission Impossible Star Reportedly Abandoned $200M Xbox Game after Heated Fight

Tom Cruise Hates Starfield? Mission Impossible Star Reportedly Abandoned $200M Xbox Game after Heated Fight
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The influence of Tom Cruise is startling. Just like other actors, Cruise started his career with small roles in movies such as Endless Love, Taps, and many more. However, his rise to fame was imminent with his magnificent performances in various films, making him one of the best actors in Hollywood. But he became a global star, with the renowned action spy franchise Mission Impossible. Without any doubt, the Risky Business actor stands as one of the most influential figures in the world.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

As a result of his influence, many popular franchises want to collaborate with the actor so that their franchise gets a boost from the global fan following from the actor’s fanbase. One such instance was that the Starfield franchise reportedly collaborated with Tom Cruise, but he ditched them after a heated argument took place with the executives.

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Tom Cruise Got Into A Fight With Studio Executives

Bethesda Game Studios who is developing the Starfield game, announced that Tom Cruise was a part of the project, and he will be the main character in the game. However, the Minority Report actor parted ways with the sci-fi project, as Cruise, who is renowned for doing his stunts was told by the executives that his daredevil feats were not needed for the game.

A still from Starfield

The sole reason being his stunts in space would cost too much for them, which made the actor so furious with the decision that he reportedly came to blows and cut all ties with the project. A reliable insider said, 

“He [Cruise] was so beside himself that he began to glitch up the walls”, the source tells us. “It was horrifying, it was like playing Skyrim all over again, again, again… again – but in 4K.”

Since Cruise is out of the project, it will be intriguing to see what the studio will do to get a new main character for their game. However, Todd Howard has a plan which he has codenamed as ‘Nolan,’ and he has not told anyone about what this involves exactly. But one thing is for sure the game will be delayed.


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Some Exciting Features of Bethesda’s Starfield

Bethesda’s upcoming game looks quite promising, despite losing Tom Cruise, as Starfield has several exciting features that have kept gamers on their toes. The game has a vast number of spaceships, however, users will not be limited to the in-game ships, as they can customize their ships to suit their needs.

Shipbuilding feature in Bethesda’s Starfield

Players can go to the ship-building tool, where they can build and develop personalized ships which would be exclusive to them, opening creativity and giving them an edge in battle. Similarly, they can customize and modify their firearms, in a wide variety of options where they can choose from a wide variety of space arsenals.


Moreover, the game will have a character creation so that you can make your character like the user, and it features a plethora of body types, skin tones, hairstyles, etc to give a more expansive choice. In addition to creation, the characters can have unique traits that come with pros and cons. 

Character Creation in Starfield

But most important of all, in the gameplay of Starfield, it was visible that the player expanded their hand to and use power like the Star Wars universe, where the enemies started floating in front of them. Even though it is unclear how to acquire those powers, it is confirmed that the force-like power would be another feature of the game.

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Starfield is set to release exclusively for Xbox on 6th September 2023.

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