Tom Cruise is Reportedly Obsessed With Beating Brad Pitt at Oscars

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Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, both are salient A-listers, Tom Cruise’s colossal star power in the industry ranges back to the 80s, the endearing film star hasn’t run out of fuel to date, and Brad Pitt’s rise to stardom with his unforgettably comic cameo as stoner roommate Floyd in True Romance (1993) to romantic roles in such visually lavish films as Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) and Legends of the Fall (1994), to an emotionally tortured detective in the horror-thriller Se7en (1995), marking his obelisk as one of the superlative multilayered actors in the business.

But even though both are at the top of their realm, Tom and Brad Pitt haven’t seen eye to eye since their tenure together at the 1994 Interview with the Vampire and seems like their feud augmented some new juice considering recent events.

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Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick.
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick.

Brad Pitt moves closer to winning while Tom Cruise takes the passenger seat

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt’s feud ranges back to the 90s when both were uprising vigor personas in the industry and since then both detest one another’s correspondence and haven’t shared any substantial correlation over the years, but it seems after years both of them were likely to face off considering their critically acclaimed movies were to compete against one another at the prestigious Golden Globes, subsequently both of them were to run against each other in the individual category but adversely Cruise didn’t make it to the list, while Brad Pitt moves forward consequently enraging Tom in the manner.

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Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Brad Pitt got nominated for his 8th golden globe nomination including 3 wins, with his performance in Babylon being praised critically but on the contrary, Tom who reprises the role of Pete Mitchell in Top Gunn: Maverick, a sequel to Top Gun from his upsurging days in the industry consequently becoming Commercially and critically acclaimed, eventually landing on the horizon as a top runner for academy’s enumeration alongside being his highest ranked movie to date with a colossal 1.4 billion dollar box office and earning a nom at best drama in the Golden Globes, it seemed only fair to hypothesize that Tom Cruise was getting a shot and rival with his most fierce adversary considering his feral performance as the Pete Mitchell, but things divert a little from what Tom Cruise would have imagined and instead, Brad earned the nomination. Tom who was readying his acceptance speech for his self-assertive win, rubbed him the wrong way and unhappy Cruise in protest returned his previous trophies return to the Globes.

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Tom Cruise Furious With Brad Pitt Who Allegedly Used Dirty Politics for Top Gun Maverick’s Oscar Snub

Tom Cruise annoyed by his early departure from Golden Globe, aims at the Oscars

It forms a rarity when sequels exceed its predecessor but in Tom cruise’s latest flick Top Gun Maverick did that by a prodigious margin. The Mission Impossible actor was sure a top contender at every prestigious film ceremony for the performance and the movie did secure a golden globe nomination alongside Babylon but unlike Brad who went on to get nominated for the best-supporting actor, Tom Cruise had to depart early from the race and was annoyed to the highest extent.

Now Tom is adamant about getting his shot at the next year’s Oscars, as he considers the performance as his magnum opus and after getting snubbed from the golden globes, Cruise is on a run to acclaim the most prestigious award known to cinema, previously reclaiming 3 nominations and will be hoping to have the last laugh in his rivalry with his fierce rival who have once already secured an Oscar win to his checklist, winning the title of best-supporting actor for his performance in once upon a time in Hollywood.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Even if one of them secures the honor of the Academy next year and the other doesn’t it wouldn’t undermine the mystical performances delineated by both and no award could determine the colossal cultural impact both have paved over the years.

Babylon is playing in theatres in the US and Top Gun: Maverick is streaming on Paramount+

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