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Tom Cruise “Nabbed” $273,600,000 Movie Role from Hugh Grant, Who Now Regrets Rejecting it: “It very nearly utterly killed my career”

Tom Cruise "Nabbed" $273,600,000 Movie Role from Hugh Grant, Who Now Regrets Rejecting it: "It very nearly utterly killed my career"

Making it big in Hollywood is not an easy task by any means. It is a matter of a few opportunities that can seal your fate in this cutthroat industry. One role can cement your place among the legends of the industry, while losing on one can mean the difference between being a star and just another man on the block. Hugh Grant would find this out the hard way after a monumental role was stolen from him by a certain Tom Cruise.

A gulf that can’t be bridged

Hugh Grant and Tom Cruise
There is something that sets Hugh Grant and Tom Cruise apart

Hugh Grant is indeed a renowned man, having made his presence felt by starring in roles that have left an impact on the audience, the most notable being Four Weddings and a Funeral. Still, he’s behind Cruise in one aspect – net worth.

The Mission: Impossible star boasts of a net worth of $600 million. The Knotting Hill star on the other side boasts of a net worth of $150 million only. And Grant has an idea about the point where it all went wrong for him.

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Hugh Grant lost out to Tom Cruise

Hugh Grant, English actor
Hugh Grant was snubbed for the role of Jerry Maguire

Hugh Grant in an interview for NPR’s Fresh Air in 2020 made a startling revelation; he was offered the script for Jerry Maguire. The 1996 flick could have changed the trajectory of Grant’s career, adding feathers to his career. But as fate would have it, the role would not fall to him.

The mantle of playing Jerry Maguire would fall to Tom Cruise, another star who had already carved a name for himself in the industry. He was already a heartthrob at the time. The commercial and critical success of Jerry Maguire cemented his spot further.

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Tom Cruise got long-term returns from Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise did not look back from Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise would bag $20 million for his role in Jerry Maguire. But that was far from the only benefit for him. The sports comedy not only saw him make a lot of green, but also improved his future prospects. The Edge of Tomorrow star’s performance was also acclaimed, seeing him get nominated for many awards, including the Academy Awards.

No wonder he got many profitable roles after starring in the film. Looking back, there is a chance that had Hugh Grant got a role in the films, things could have been drastically different for both. But that is mere conjecture. And there is no room for conjecture in Hollywood.

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