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Tom Cruise Refused Edward Scissorhands Role Because Tim Burton Couldn’t Answer How the Character Went to the Bathroom, Forced Burton to Cast Johnny Depp Instead

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There’s no movie star in the world as popular and well-known as Tom Cruise. The actor, who just this July entered into his 60s is still able to bag roles in the top movies of Hollywood. His successful and well-met reprisal of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the much-awaited Top Gun: Maverick just shows how strong his aura as an A-list actor is.

Having a reputation for being able to get the best out of his characters in his movies, Cruise is also known for demanding certain standards from any director that plans on recruiting him as the movie’s star cast member. But when he was almost cast for Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, the actor didn’t get in, and apparently, it’s because of this one hilarious reason.

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Tom Cruise

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Here’s Why Tom Cruise Didn’t Get The Edward Scissorhands Role

Tom Cruise, despite not saying it, is pretty well known for having acted in movies where he gets to be the face of the movie. While there may be a few exceptions, like his time acting in Tropic Thunder, it’s a prerequisite that the 60-year-old actor demands of directors waiting to line him up.

Tom Cruise FandomWire
Tom Cruise

It definitely showed that he wanted to maintain that standard for himself even in the late 80s and 90s, back when he was nearing an agreement with Tim Burton to star in his fantasy romance movie Edward Scissorhands.

Caroline Thompson, who worked as a writer in the 1990 movie, revealed that the Collateral star was sort of disqualified from becoming the face of Burton’s movie because the latter felt that Cruise was too inquisitive about a lot of things. Such as the logistics of the story, not to mention that he also wanted a much happier ending for Edward and Kim.

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One of the much more hilarious reasons why Cruise never got into the movie, as Thompson recalls, was also because the former literally asked how Edward goes to the bathroom, or how he eats and drinks!

The creative differences were pretty large, and Tim Burton just didn’t want an actor that demanded too much and asked too many questions. Thus, as history shows us, Johnny Depp got the role.

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Tom Cruise’s Inquisitive Questions Has Twitter Rolling On The Floor

Tim Burton’s reasons for omitting Tom Cruise from the lead role in Edward Scissorhands are honestly hilarious, but also fair because actors have to respect the director’s vision.

Tom Cruise FandomWire
Tom Cruise

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This isn’t news, but it’s too hilarious of a topic to not revisit once in a while for the internet to have a chuckle. The topic went trending once again just earlier today, and it’s got Twitter laughing with its mouth open-

A lot to ask! –

As the standard is today! –

Guess Tim Burton forgot to detail the practicality of the suit-

He’s dedicated!-

It’s no doubt that the Mission: Impossible star won’t be too fazed, or regretful, of his decision to demand answers from Burton for that role, he’s literally one of the world’s top movie stars!

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