Tom Cruise Reveals Insane Diet That Immortalized Him as Hollywood’s Real Life Superman

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Tom Cruise has returned with the Top Gun sequel after 36 years, at 59 years old. Cruise has barely seemed to age with time. Even at this age Tom, did not want green screen and wanted to perform life-threatening Jet stunts in Top Gun: Maverick. He looks athletic, dashing, and has all the charisma he had back in Top Gun. Tom Cruise also looks young and has achieved this physique by having a strict diet. Some people might find his diet a bit extreme, but he is determined to keep his fitness level in check for the stunts he does.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise performed life treating stunts in Top Gun: Maverick

Eating habits of Tom Cruise that he swears by

  1. Tom prefers eating grilled food. According to men’s health, this star avoids everything fried. Cruise prefers slow-cooked food as high temperatures can cause the food to lose nutrients and also cause inflammation in the body. A healthy diet for people over 50 should include oats, blueberries, Salmon, Olive oil, spinach, etc.
  2. Tom Cruise skips Carbs. According to Men’s health  Cruise is following a no-carb diet. This diet is 1200 calories in total. Dr. Paul Clayton tells men’s health that carbs can cause insulin to rise, which is an aging hormone. He was not always into the no-carb diet, as his diet has changed over the years.
  3. Cruise likes healthy snacks. With a busy schedule, Cruise still keeps his cravings aside with healthy snacks. According to Newshub, this megastar eats snacks throughout the day. These snacks include nuts and blueberries. Simon Pegg also revealed to E! News, that Cruise gave his chef services to the entire crew during the shoot of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.
  4. Sugar is off-limits for Cruise. Eat this, not that reporting shows sugar can cause aging by causing inflammation and can make you look older. Cruise can’t have sugar but he revealed in The Late Late Show with James Cordon that loves sending cakes to co-stars.
Tom Cruise with co actress in Top Gun
Tom Cruise looked athletic and dashing at 24 years old

Tom Cruise is ideal to many people regarding his fitness and the way he still looks young at 59years. His ability to perform his stunts and the fitness he required for it is remarkable. Fans are always curious about celeb diets and Tom’s diet would be on the top of the list.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise has an insane diet plan

Cruise looks athletic and charming in Top Gun Maverick which was released on 27 May 2022. Fans have called this movie a masterpiece .   He entered his first $100 million with this movie. 


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