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Tom Cruise Talks Possibility Of Joining DC Universe

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Tom Cruise has officially announced that he is open to joining the DC film franchise. Cruise stated that he’s not ruling out the possibility of eventually playing a live-action superhero, during his promotion of Mission Impossible: Fallout,

Despite being a top notch actor who has shined in everything from big budget blockbusters like the Mission Impossible series to ’80s classics like Top Gun to movies that earned him Oscar nominations like Born on the Fourth of July. However, there is one corner of Hollywood that Tom Cruise conquered yet: the superhero genre. He’s came close with roles he’s taken in the action/adventure genre, but none of these roles ever required him to put on tights and a cape. That said, the versatile actor isn’t likely to say no to the opportunity, that is assuming the script is up to his standards.

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In an interview with MTV at CinemaCon, Cruise was asked if he would ever be willing to play the lead in a superhero movie and he replied with the following:

‘There’s always another mountain.”

When questioned if his Mission Impossible: Fallout costar, Henry Cavill, ever attempted to convince Cruise to the DC Extended Universe, he said:

“There’s always another mountain in anything. I’ll never say no if I find something that’s interesting, and I think an audience would like to see it, and they’re going to be entertained by it, and I feel like I can contribute something.”

Henry Cavill, who played Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League responded to Cruise joining DC (specifically playing the role of Green Lantern) enthusiastically:

“There would be something very interesting in that.”

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