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Tom Cruise Allegedly Threw A Punch At His Co-star With Bad Intention While Working In ‘The Godfather’ Director’s Movie

Tom Cruise Allegedly Threw A Punch At His Co-star With Bad Intention While Working In 'The Godfather' Director's Movie

Tom Cruise is infamous for his temper. From shouting and cursing at crew members to on-set brawls, there have been many instances when the Osacr-nominated star’s anger got the better of him. Among his many infamous fights, the actor once had an altercation with his co-star on the set of The Godfather director’s movie.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Even though he was only a young actor, just starting out, Cruise had an air of importance, always keeping his needs first. And perhaps that is why the young star didn’t get along with his co-star Rob Lowe from the start. From not wanting to share rooms with him to on-set brawls because of an accident, there are many such instances from the sets of the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola’s movie, The Outsiders.

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Tom Cruise Once Fought With Co-Star Rob Lowe

The Outsiders cast
The Outsiders cast

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Released in 1983, The Outsiders was based on a novel of the same name written by SF Francise. Known for its coming-of-age story with street gang tussle, it was directed by The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola and starred multiple young actors including Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe.

As the movie was based on street gangs and fights, there were multiple fight sequences, and Cruise being too competitive didn’t help at all. During one fight scene, Lowe accidentally hit the Top Gun star a little too hard, which didn’t end well for either of them.

Lowe once stated (as per The Things),

“We all beat the living sh*t out of one another. We really did. I got one clean shot on Tom, and Tom is such a competitive lunatic – which is what I love about him – but the next thing you know he’s ready to kill me!”

The tensions on set were already high and Coppola’s insistence for the cast to method act didn’t help at all. But Cruise and Lowe’s fight hardly seems surprising, for they had started off on the wrong foot early on before the shoot had even started.

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Tom Cruise Did Not Want To Be Roommates With Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise
Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise

Time and again other celebrities have expressed that Tom Cruise could be a little hard to live with. His extreme dedication is not something anyone can handle, but that is also the main reason he is where he is today. However, when starting out as a new actor, Cruise was the same and went ‘ballistic’ to hear that he would have to share a room with the Unstable star.

In an interview with ET, Rob Lowe stated,

“First time I ever stayed at The Plaza Hotel. We check in and Tom finds out that we’re sharing a room, and just goes ballistic.”

Despite the initial shock to witness a ‘nobody’ react like that, Lowe doesn’t hold it against Crusie anymore, for he added,

“To me, what’s great about the story is, there’s certain people who have always been who they are, and that element of them has powered them to where they are today and the rest is history. And the notion that an 18-year-old actor with a walk-on part in Endless Love, and like, a seventh lead in Taps, could have that kind of, like, wherewithal? I remember going, ‘Wow, this guy is the real deal.’ I mean, it made me laugh, it was gnarly. But at the end, you can’t argue with the results, he’s had his eye on the ball since day one.”

While most would describe Tom Cruise’s actions as narcissistic and selfish, an equal amount would label such actions as the cause of his success.

The Outsiders can be streamed on Max.

Source: The Things and ET

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