“He didn’t realize that he was playing a character”: Tom Cruise Went Overboard in His Acting in $48M Movie That Was Based on Imaginary Character Meant to Seduce Women 

Tom Cruise Went Overboard in His Acting in $48M Movie That Was Based on Imaginary Character Meant to Seduce Women

Tom Cruise boasts an impressive filmography, making it a daunting task to pinpoint his career-best performance. However, my unequivocal choice would be his role as Frank T.J. Mackey in Magnolia. Released in 1999, this Paul Thomas Anderson masterpiece weaves a complex narrative involving various characters navigating life in the San Fernando Valley.

Tom Cruise
Hollywood heartthrob, Tom Cruise

While the film’s extensive runtime may not cater to everyone’s taste, I consider it a cinematic masterpiece. Notably, it incorporates the captivating music of Aimee Mann, who contributes significantly to the film’s soundtrack, complemented by the talents of composer Jon Brion.

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Tom Cruise Went Too Far With His Acting 

In Magnolia, Tom Cruise embodies the role of Frank T.J. Mackey, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker with a singular mission: “Seduce and Destroy.” Mackey is a brazen misogynist, espousing his seduction techniques to an enthusiastic audience of men.

During an episode of the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast, as reported by Uproxx, Paul Thomas Anderson unveiled that the character of Frank T.J. Mackey drew inspiration from a real-life pickup artist, Ross Jeffries. For those curious (although it’s not recommended), Jeffries can be explored on his website at seduction.com, which features a description of his persona.

Tom Cruise
Actor, Tom Cruise

One of his blog entries is titled Are You The Money Man Or The Honey Man? and delves into the intricacies of becoming “The Vaginal Victor On V-Day!” Jeffries employs a method he aptly terms Speed Seduction, and his website boasts an extensive sales pitch for his online program. 

“Here’s the interesting thing: Paul Thomas Anderson thought that they were going to portray a real person. They didn’t realize they were portraying a character created by an actor. Tom Cruise didn’t realize that he was studying a character. He thought he was studying a person. He created a character based on a character.”

In terms of Tom Cruise’s performance, Jeffries noted an intriguing aspect: Paul Thomas Anderson believed they were portraying an actual individual, not realizing they were depicting a character crafted by an actor. Tom Cruise, too, was unaware that he was examining a character; he believed he was studying an actual person. Consequently, he constructed a character influenced by another character.

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Tom Cruise Doesn’t Watch His Own Films

Tom Cruise surprisingly disclosed that the only movies he avoids watching are the ones in which he stars. This revelation comes as a surprise, given his extensive filmography, which includes numerous blockbusters, beloved classics, and critically acclaimed works, collectively grossing over $10 billion at the global box office.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

“Those are the only films that I don’t watch,” said Cruise.

Cruise is not unique in this regard, as numerous actors have openly admitted to their discomfort in watching their own performances. Johnny Depp, famous for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, shares a similar sentiment, expressing his preference for the process of filming over the act of viewing the final product.

Magnolia is available for rent or purchase on Google Play.

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Source: Uproxx

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