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Tom Cruise Would’ve Happily Made Top Gun: Maverick Have Another 10 Year Delay To Stop it From Becoming a Streaming Exclusive

Tom Cruise Would've Happily Made Top Gun: Maverick Have Another 10 Year Delay To Stop it From Becoming a Streaming Exclusive

Year after year there is someone making an absolutely amazing script and story for a movie that will take the world by storm. Top Gun: Maverick is one such movie and after all those decades of making sure that the main star Tom Cruise would be the one reprising the role of Pete Mitchell, all was ready to go for production in 2017.

The title of the movie was revealed by its lead star that very year, and it would be a crime to have not seen that in theaters. When the Covid-19 pandemic had frozen the world, theaters had to close as well, and Tom Cruise would not have allowed the movie to release before anyone saw it in theaters first!

Top Gun: Maverick FandomWire
Top Gun: Maverick

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Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick Took Forever

Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the 1984 hit blockbuster Top Gun, was not even supposed to happen in the first place. At least that’s what the main star of the movie Tom Cruise said while promoting Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July back in 1990, deeming the notion of a sequel as “irresponsible”.

Top Gun: Maverick FandomWire
Top Gun: Maverick

However, here we are three decades later. Cruise must have definitely forgotten that he said all that, and he definitely wouldn’t regret it considering the fact that the sequel has turned out to be a huge hit of its own as well.

And of course, it would be a complete waste to wait this long just to see it on your mobile phone or laptop, right? The Covid-19 pandemic, which everyone would remember, led to a shutdown of the entire world.

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As governments mandated the ban on social interactions all around the world, theaters were not out of the question. This also meant that Top Gun: Maverick would not be able to give its fans the premium experience of watching the long-awaited sequel in theaters.

This would’ve taken away the full experience of watching the much-awaited sequel to the 1984 hit in theaters, and that’s something no devoted Top Gun fan would want to go through.

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Tom Cruise Was Adamant On The Theatrical Experience, Especially For Top Gun: Maverick

Fans had to patiently wait for the pandemic and its effects on normal human life to die down, and as time went by, the movie was finally released to an excited audience on 27 May 2022- they all loved it!

Top Gun: Maverick FandomWire
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

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Tom Cruise definitely did too, and he says he would’ve made sure the movie was released only when the theaters were to open. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 60-year-old said-

“People have been asking for the movie for 34 years, what’s a couple more years? I would have held out for 10 years. Look, the film is made for the big screen, I have friends all through my actors’ friends and studios in theatrical, I made it for theatrical, that’s what I did. We all did, we all made it for theatrical, it wasn’t just me, the whole crew.”

Props to the crew for having the same vision as well, it’s definitely a movie to be seen on the big screens!

Top Gun: Maverick is currently available for streaming on Paramount+

Source: MovieWeb

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