Tom Cruise’s Ex-wife Katie Holmes Broke Up With Jamie Foxx Because of the Alleged Affair With His Protégé Sela Vave?

Tom Cruise's Ex-wife Katie Holmes Broke Up With Jamie Foxx Because of the Alleged Affair With His Protégé Sela Vave?

Back in 2019, the curtain fell on Hollywood’s most covert romances as Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes called it quits. Since her divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012, speculation about Holmes’ love life has been a constant buzz, and she was initially associated with Foxx in 2013. Despite consistent denials of a romantic relationship, the breakup stories disclosed that they were an item for a span of six years.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes

Despite their efforts to maintain a low profile, Foxx and Holmes were often caught in the public eye, engaging in public displays of affection or discreetly entering and exiting events. Putting an end to the persistent speculation surrounding their relationship status, they made their first public appearance as a couple at the esteemed Met Gala. But what was the reason behind their breakup?

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Did A Mystery Woman Come Between The Couple

According to People, the paparazzi captured photographs of Foxx and a young woman named Sela Vave leaving a club. With his head covered by a hoodie, Foxx and Vave were seen strolling together while holding hands.

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

This sparked speculation among people, questioning whether Foxx was being unfaithful to Katie Holmes or if he had entered into a new romantic relationship. Instantly, fans of Holmes inundated Vave’s social media profiles, hurling derogatory comments at her and accusing her of being a catalyst for breaking up a home.

According to a People report, the information regarding Vave was that she was simply a young singer whom Foxx was assisting. Subsequent reports clarified that Vave was one of Foxx’s proteges. While this fact may have slipped the minds of some or remained unknown to others, it is worth noting that Foxx himself is an accomplished singer, having not only secured his own recording contract but also established his own record label.

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How Did Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Handle The Media

As the internet indulged in speculation about the status of this celebrity union, Holmes was seen confidently going about her business, seemingly unaffected by the scrutiny. Page Six was the first to unveil the news of their separation, surprising many who had previously believed that everything was going well for the couple. In fact, just a few months prior, Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne had openly discussed their relationship, describing it as wonderful and emphasizing her father’s happiness.

Suri Cruise with mother Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise with mother Katie Holmes

Throughout their time together, Foxx and Holmes were well-known for their elusive and secretive approach to their relationship, and not much changed since their separation. None of the representatives for Foxx, Holmes, or Vave provided any official statements or comments regarding the news of the breakup, maintaining their characteristic silence on the matter.

Later, Hollywood Life shared images of Holmes and her daughter, Suri, taking a leisurely stroll with their dog. But a contingent of hopeful fans still clings to the possibility that these two celebrities may reconcile in the future, rekindling their connection and finding a way back to each other.

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