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Tom Cruise’s Ex-wife Nicole Kidman Chose Her Family’s ‘Sanctity’ Over $109M Film That Led to Kate Winslet’s Oscar Win

Tom Cruise's Ex-wife Nicole Kidman Chose Her Family's 'Sanctity' Over $109M Film That Led to Kate Winslet's Oscar Win

Nicole Kidman, the actress who suffered many trials and tribulations throughout her Hollywood career had to give up on some pretty important roles. While pregnant with her and Keith Urban’s first child Sunday Rose, the actress was given the lead role in a pretty intense movie.

Worrying about her child’s safety, Kidman had to leave the project following which Kate Winslet was cast in the role. Kate Winslet went on to win an Oscar for her performance in the movie which might have been Nicole Kidman’s if she put work first.

Nicole Kidman [via Vanity Fair]
Nicole Kidman [via Vanity Fair]

When Nicole Kidman Chose Her Family Over Her Career

In 2008, a movie titled The Reader made its way around people to give them heartbreak and take them on an emotional journey through love and WWII. With Kate Winslet in the leading role, the actress won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Nicole Kidman with her present husband Keith Urban

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This Oscar could have very well gone to the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman since she was originally attached to the leading role in the movie. After being attached in the movie, Kidman was pregnant with her and Keith Urban’s first child Sunday Rose. Although she could have very well continued filming the movie, Kidman felt that the intense atmosphere and the story of the movie would affect her unborn baby and decided to back out.

“The way I work, it would penetrate my baby. I got pregnant and I was meant to do The Reader. And they said, ‘Oh can you still do it?’ but I cannot work pregnant. I know now what I probably didn’t know in my 20s. I would absolutely know now that I would always choose the sanctity and sacredness of my family, and if that was ever in jeopardy, no question.”

The role later on went to Kate Winslet and the movie received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews by the people and the Titanic actress won her first Oscar for her performance. Although she missed out on that opportunity, Nicole Kidman is set to star alongside Zoe Saldana when their latest project releases!

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Nicole Kidman Talks About Special Ops: Lioness 

Nicole Kidman will reprise her role of Queen Atlanna.
Nicole Kidman will reprise her role of Queen Atlanna.

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With several iconic roles and accolades to her name, Nicole Kidman is ready to add one more project to her portfolio. Talking about her latest project, Kidman is slated to appear alongside Zoe Saldana. The project is titled Special Ops: Lioness and will showcase the secretive side of three agents.

“It’s a secretive world. They put their country before themselves by remaining anonymous. They have to remain anonymous to preserve their program.”

The actress is also attached to 9 other upcoming projects which also include her reprisal as Queen Atlanna in the upcoming DCU movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. As for the movie in question, the Kate Winslet movie The Reader is available to rent on Apple TV+.

Source: Daily Mail

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