Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire Co-Star Cuba Gooding Jr’s R*pe Trial Mysteriously Ends With Out of Court Settlement: “The parties have resolved the matter”

Cuba Gooding Jr. was only preparing himself to go on trial on the basis of being accused of s*xual assault. The case had been an ongoing one for about a decade now and seems like there might finally be a conclusion to it. The Jerry Maguire star was supposed to begin his trial on 6th June but things might not have gone the way people were initially expecting.

Cuba Gooding Jr
Cuba Gooding Jr

Although the woman who accused the actor still remains to be anonymous, she was previously told by the judge to come forward and reveal her identity before the trial was to start. However, she chose not to take any action on those orders. More so, it seems as if the trial will no longer be taking place as both parties have reached a settlement.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Will No Longer Be Going To Trial

Cuba Gooding Jr. had been accused of s*xually assaulting a woman in a New York City hotel room. However, the defendant claimed that it had in fact been consensual after the two had met at a restaurant. The victim had sued the actor for $6 Million in damages.  He had further been accused not just on one occasion but three, including 2009, 2012, and 2019.

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Cuba Gooding Jr
Cuba Gooding Jr

The trial was supposed to take place on 6th June but only moments prior to the beginning there was an official announcement that the trial had been called off. The reason for the same was also stated to be that both parties had resolved the issue outside of the court. The settlement was finalized on the same day the trial was supposed to take place with both the woman and Gooding’s attorneys refusing to give out any statements as of now.

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The Case Against Cuba Gooding Jr. Seemed Strong

Before the anonymous woman was told to reveal her identity, she was also told that she could bring three other women to testify against the actor during the trial. One of the women revealed herself to be Kelsey Harbert. She accused the actor of touching her without her consent in the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge near Times Square in 2019.

Cuba Gooding Jr

The actor who starred in Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire even pleaded guilty but only to a charge that would let him avoid any jail time and criminal charges. Including the possibility of having a criminal history being ruled out. Cuba Gooding Jr. even pleaded guilty for kissing a woman without asking for constent in 2018 while he was at a nightclub in New York.

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Source: AP News

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