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Tom Cruise’s Team Tried to Stop Leah Remini from Danny Masterson Trial After Netflix Fired Actor for Sexual Misconduct

Tom Cruise’s Team Tried to Stop Leah Remini from Danny Masterson Trial After Netflix Fired Actor for Sexual Misconduct

The chaos continues at Danny Masterson’s retrial. It was recently revealed that actress Leah Remini was almost kicked out of the courtroom. Danny Masterson is an American actor who is well-known for his roles in TV shows such as That ’70s Show and The Ranch. In recent years, he has been involved in a court case related to alleged s*xual misconduct with former members of the Church of Scientology.

The alleged s*xual assault first occurred in 2017 and the actor faced trial in October 2022, however, the jury could not come to a unanimous decision so it ended in a mistrial. Now the retrial has begun and it seems like the Church of Scientology doesn’t want Leah Remini to attend it.

Leah Remini was stopped from attending Danny Masterson’s retrial

Leah Remini
Actress Leah Remini

Leah Remini was recently stopped from attending Danny Masterson’s retrial that began on Monday. The actress tweeted,

“Before opening arguments began, Danny’s Scientology-controlled lawyers tried to get the judge to throw me out of the courtroom based on the false premise that they had planned to call me as a witness in the trial.”

The actress was a follower of Scientology between 1979 and 2013, however, she left it under acrimonious circumstances. She went on to become an outspoken critic of the Church of Scientology.

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Danny Masterson’s allegations came forward in 2017

Danny Masterson
Danny Masterson

Back in 2017, four women, out of which three women were members of the Church of Scientology, came forward and accused Danny Masterson of s*xually assaulting them in the early 2000s. The allegations included claims of r*pe and that the assaults were claimed to have occurred when women were unconscious.

As per reports, the incidents were said to have taken place between 2001 and 2003. The actor pleaded not guilty to the charges. The retrial began on April 24th.


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Leah Remini accused the Church of Scientology of “destroying” the lives of the accusers

Leah Remini
Leah Remini

In a series of tweets, Remini said that the women who accused Danny Masterson deserve justice. She also accused the Church of Scientology of “destroying” the accusers,

“I am attending opening arguments in the rape trial of celebrity Scientologist Danny Masterson today,” Remini tweeted on Monday. “The women who Danny r*ped deserve justice for what they’ve been put through, not only by Danny but by Scientology which has tried to destroy them for reporting their r*pes.”

In another tweet, she claimed that the organization is “threatened by the truth.” The trial is currently ongoing and an outcome is expected soon.

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Source: Newsweek

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