Tom Hanks, 2 Time Oscar Winner, Sets New Record With Razzie Nominations as Ana de Armas’ Blonde Competes With Morbius For Worst Movie

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Among the names that highlight the best of the best that the Hollywood industry ever offered, people are sure to catch the name of one of the legends named Tom Hanks with many others that made what the industry is today. From being the lead cast of some of the most critically acclaimed films made for cinemas to even modern-day classics that have received the same level of acclaim, the golden touch that the star brings is almost unparalleled.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

And to further substantiate his legacy in the industry, his performances have also been recognized by the highly-coveted Academy Award, also popularly known as The Oscars in the past for his roles in Forrest Gump and Philadelphia. Thus, it may as a surprise when people came to know that the star also has some performances that were denoted by calling them one of the worst, and two of them happen to be in the year 2022 for which he has been nominated.

Tom Hanks Receives The Worst Actor Nominations At The Razzies!

Tom Hanks receives worst supporting actor nomination for his role in Elvis
Tom Hanks receives worst supporting actor nomination for his role in Elvis

Many people might be shocked to hear that the two-time winner of The Oscar Award will also receive not one, but two Golden Raspberry Awards in the same year. But that is exactly what has happened with Tom Hanks, who has been nominated for ‘Worst Supporting Actor’ nomination for his portrayal of Col. Tom Parker in Elvis, as well as for ‘Worst Actor’ for his role as Gepetto in the live-action version of Disney’s Pinocchio.  


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The Golden Raspberry Awards is a parody award ceremony that celebrates and awards the worst of what the cinema has produced in the year, which was co-founded by UCLA film graduates and film industry veterans John J. B. Wilson and Mo Murphy. These nominations that The Da Vinci Code actor has received are his first nominations, which truly makes his roles some of the worst performances in his career.

Along with Hanks, Ana De Armas’ biopic of Late Hollywood Diva Marilyn Monroe titled Blonde has received a staggering eight nominations along with ‘Worst Picture’ and many more. Adding to the list, Sony’s Morbius has also been called out for its three nominations in the ‘Worst Director’ as well as ‘Worst Screenplay’ awards along with several other titles.


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What Is Wrong With Tom Hanks’ Performance In Elvis and Disney’s Pinnochio?

Tom Hanks in Disney's Pinnochio
Tom Hanks in Disney’s Pinnochio

Tom Hanks’ lackluster performance in Pinnochio can largely be attributed to the entire plot and content of the film’s premise, which was needlessly filled with extra content while missing some major aspects of the previous 1940s adaptation. His performance as Col. Tom Parker in Elvis is called ‘Ludicrously Accented’ in the film from his real-life counterpart., who had more of a Dutch accent than Hanks’ version, who has a southern accent, changing the character’s origins entirely.

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Elvis, now available on HBO Max

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