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Tom Hanks Heavily Relied on One Food to Gain 30 lbs to be a Baseball Player in $132 Million Movie

Tom Hanks Heavily Relied on One Food to Gain 30 lbs to be a Baseball Player in $132 Million Movie

Often taken for granted by his ardent fans, Tom Hanks has traversed an incredible career trajectory throughout his extensive tenure in Hollywood. Although his rise to stardom commenced with the television sitcom Bosom Buddies, Hanks has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. While he has solidified his status as a cinematic icon, it may come as a surprise that his inaugural film role was in a largely forgotten slasher flick.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

However, Hanks truly came into his own by honing his dramatic skills and exhibiting an unwavering dedication to his craft. His role in A League of Their Own exemplified this commitment, where he even relied on a specific food to undergo a physical transformation and gain weight for his character.

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Tom Hanks Followed A Ritual For His Role

In a notable contrast to his weight loss transformation for the film Cast Away, Tom Hanks embraced a different approach almost a decade earlier. In Penny Marshall’s A League of Their Own, Hanks portrays a former professional baseball player well beyond his prime. To fully embody the character, Hanks indulged in a daily ice cream ritual during filming with the encouragement of Marshall. 

Tom Hanks
Hollywood star Tom Hanks

Reflecting on his career, Hanks fondly recalled his time working on the movie as his favorite experience, as he revealed during an interview on The Bill Simmons Podcast. In the same discussion, Hanks identifies two other personal favorites, namely Cast Away and the underappreciated film Cloud Atlas by the Wachowskis. 

However, it is evident how filming A League of Their Own offered Hanks an idyllic all-American experience that resonated with him. Undoubtedly, his immense joy during the production is palpable in his memorable performance, which continues to be adored by audiences to this day. His passion and delight while making the film undeniably shone through on the screen, creating a lasting and beloved cinematic experience. The movie went on to make $132 million at the box office.

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Tom Hanks Is The Master Of Subtle Method Acting

Tom Hanks is renowned for his exceptional ability to fully immerse himself in his characters. While he may not be associated with the more extreme forms of method acting, Hanks has demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding and embodying his roles.

Tom Hanks in and as Forrest Gump
Tom Hanks in and as Forrest Gump

Known for his meticulous approach, Hanks delves into extensive research to develop a profound understanding of his characters and their backgrounds. He meticulously studies their behaviors, mannerisms, and speech patterns to ensure an authentic portrayal. This dedication to his craft enables him to bring a level of depth and nuance to his performances that captivate audiences.

Hanks is known to establish a strong connection with his co-stars and the crew on set. This commitment to fostering genuine connections enhances the authenticity of his performances, as he effectively portrays the dynamics and emotions his characters experience. He creates a comfortable and collaborative environment, allowing for the organic development of his characters and their relationships.

A League of Their Own is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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