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Tom Hanks Hosts SNL: From Home Edition

Tom Hanks hosts SNL From Home Edition

Coronavirus is bringing about a lot of firsts in history. With people being stuck at home and finding new means to cope every day. This monumental event will also mark a time in history where a lot of weird things happened. In this moment of crisis, the US entertainment industry is coming up with creative solutions to cope. One of them is the famous American TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL). They will be hosting an online show with the cast members communicating through video-call. Are you as excited as us?

How is everyone dealing with the crisis?

However,comparing this with 9/11, Dan Vitale, a former SNL cast member says that this is definitely different. But people are anxious to get out there and return to the state of normalcy. Dan personally would love to hear laughter again on his comedy sets. Not for an ego boost, but to experience the freedom we so often take for granted.

What do we know about Tom Hanks’s appearance?

Tom Hanks on SNL
Tom Hanks on SNL

And guess what? Tom Hanks is the host. Moreover, the coronavirus survivor is all set appear on SNL. Also, Chris Martin is performing.

However, Hanks appears on a pre-recorded segment and he opens with a shaved head and jokes about the show’s canned laugh track. Furthermore, Seeing America’s beloved actor back on screen is a pleasant sight for a lot of people.

Hank’s humor

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

“Ever since being diagnosed, I have been more like America’s dad than ever before,” Hanks said. “Since no one wants to be around me very long and I make people uncomfortable.”

However, we need Hank’s dad jokes to get us through these times. Plus, we can all agree Tom Hanks has had his dad moments. But he is seen signing off with an audience interaction bit (great play at satire).

So go ahead and check out the latest SNL a.k.a. SNL from home as we would take anything we can find in these trying times. Take care!

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Written by Neal Johnson

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